10 Domestic Violence Statistics That Will Break Your Heart

10 Domestic Violence Statistics That Will Break Your Heart

September 8, 2020 Off By Glespynorson

Since the onset of Covid-19, domestic violence has been on the rise.

This comes as no surprise as many victims have been forced to become socially isolated with their abusers.

Please do not become complacent with staying silent and attempting to stay out of your abuser’s way. Living a life of constant fear and regret, or one filled with physical, emotional, and mental anguish isn’t living at all.

There Is Hope For You.

The spread of Covid-19 has many victims second-guessing their plans to flee from their abusers. But don’t make the choice to stay.

Many people who have become victims of domestic violence, also become apart of the following domestic violence statistics.

Heartbreaking Domestic Violence Statistics

There are quite a few sad statistics that come as a result of domestic violence. Here are just ten of the many statistics that are absolutely heartbreaking.

It Rarely Gets Better

In hopes of seeing their abusers change, many victims of domestic violence choose to stay. There is a false sense of hope that tends to arise in victims after the abuse.

Maybe your abuser shows you lots of affection and attention after they have abused you. You may have been given rewards for your forgiveness, and given promises that the abuse would never happen again.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking the abuse is over. If one instance of abuse was very violent, it doesn’t mean that it may have woke your abuser up to the consequences of their actions and how it truly affected you.

The aftermath of a violent incident will never instantly give your abuser physical self-control and an ability to manage their anger.

In most cases of domestic violence, there is always an instance in which the abuse resurfaces.

Men Are Victims Too

Statistics have proven that most domestic violence abuse is afflicted upon women from men. Yet even with the numbers being in favor of women, men are victims of domestic violence as well.

Most instances of domestic violence may go unreported by men due to societal and cultural beliefs. Many cultures teach that it is a form of weakness for a man to display any sort of emotional or physical vulnerability.

This is a dangerous belief. If you are a male victim being abused by a partner, seek help immediately.

Relationships And Reputations Are Destroyed

Victims that are in a physically and mentally abusive relationship tend to cut-off the rest of the world in hopes of hiding their abuse.

As a result, victims can lose their jobs and positive reputations.

Friends and family members are also shunned. Victim’s friends, associates, and family can even go for months or years at a time without hearing from the victim.

Abusers are also known to force their victims into a state of isolation by constantly invoking fear through certain actions and verbal threats.

Children Suffer Greater Risk

Children who have seen or have been apart of domestic violence, have a higher chance of continuing the cycle well into adulthood.

Boys who have seen domestic violence are more likely to end up being charged with domestic violence as an adult. Oppositely, young girls are more likely to grow into women who later become victims.

Along with the sad chances of abuse continuing as children age, you can find many stories of domestic abuse resulting in the death of a child.

If a child is fortunate enough to escape an abusive home, but there aren’t any other relatives or trusted close friends that can care for them, they could be put in the foster care system.

As a result of having an unstable childhood, children could live the rest of their life with a few of the following mental illnesses:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD

Pets Are Mistreated

Pets can suffer abuse if their owner is the victim or perpetrator.

If treated well, most animals are very loyal and will try to protect their masters from being harmed if they sense or see danger.

In an effort to protect a victim, or hide from the abuse, animals can suffer physical attacks that may result in permanent physical damage or even death.

Animals can also be used against their victims. Some aggressors will threaten to harm an animal or get rid of a pet in an attempt to fully gain control.

These animals can later be displaced from the only family they’ve known, put down in humane societies, further neglected, or become fearful and distrusting of humans.

Most Suffer In Silence

As mentioned previously, men are less likely to report domestic violence crimes against their partners.

While women are known to wait until a situation becomes life-threatening before reaching out for help.

Sometimes silence can be used as a way to show loyalty towards a perpetrator who is deeply loved by the victim.

Substance Abuse Contributes To Domestic Violence

The majority of domestic violence cases involve substance abuse.

Avoid getting into a relationship with a partner who frequently abuses drugs and alcohol.

In most cases where a victim has reached out for help or has lost their life, their perpetrator was later found under the influence of some sort of substance.

Strangers Suffer Too

It’s never easy to see someone get abused, and the negative mental imagery can stay with someone for years.

If your abuser decides to assault you in public places, onlookers can be emotionally, mentally, and physically impacted as well.

Increased Risk Of Suicide

Murder-suicides are often a result of domestic violence cases.

In an effort to not live with the consequences of harming their victims, or to avoid arrest, perpetrators often kill their victims domestic violence Michigan and later commit suicide.

Victims have also reported having thoughts or feelings of wanting to commit suicide from enduring years of abuse.

Many victims may also attempt suicide as a way to escape their abuser.

Self-Esteem Diminishes

Domestic violence can have long-term effects on its victims. After getting out of an abusive relationship, victims may decide to never get involved romantically with anyone else.

Domestic violence can leave its victims with feelings of unworthiness.

Many victims have shared thoughts of not feeling attractive, or worthy of respect, love, or basic human rights.

You Need To Get Out Now!

Refuse to pacify your situation with the following statements:

  • “I will give him/her one more chance to see if they change.”
  • “It only happens when he/she is really upset, I know they don’t mean it.”
  • “It was something I did to cause the abuse.”
  • “If I leave, no one else will ever love me.”

Nothing constitutes any amount of physical or mental abuse in a relationship.

The statements you have just read have been said by countless men and women who are no longer alive as a result of their abuse.

Make the decision to leave now so that you or a loved one doesn’t become one of these domestic violence statistics.

If you are not sure where to start and need legal counseling, please write to us by clicking the “Contact” tab at the top of the website.