3 Reasons You Need To Create A Living Will

3 Reasons You Need To Create A Living Will

August 20, 2020 Off By Glespynorson

Are You Debating Whether Or Not To Create A Living Will?

Your situation is understandable. In a country where two-thirds of people don’t have a living will, it’s easy to see why you’re undecided.

But that’s not even the biggest issue. A living will touches on death, a topic not many people are willing to discuss.

Here’s the thing, though. A living will make things much easier for your loved ones in the event that you’re in a situation where you’re unable to make medical decisions for yourself. It’s a legal document, meaning whatever information that’s on it is legally binding.

Continue reading for important reasons to create a living will.

Life Is Inherently Uncertain

First things first, it’s essential to note that a living will isn’t the same as a last will.

A last will mainly focuses on the distribution of an estate after one’s death. A last will comes into force after death. The family will need to hire a probate lawyer to help administer the will.

On the other hand, a living will is useless after death.

With That Out Of The Way, Do You Ever Think About Your Death?

We’ll all die, that we know. What we certainly don’t know is the time and nature of our death.

There are people who will fall into a coma before they die. Others will be involved in accidents that render them unable to speak. Even if such an accident doesn’t lead to death, can you think of the kind of treatment you’d like to receive when you’re unable to speak to your doctors?

A living will solves this problem. You’re able to give healthcare instructions, which your doctors and family members will follow if you’re ever in that situation.

For instance, a living will gives you the power to decide how long you should be put on life support, should you ever need life support. Or maybe you don’t ever want to be put on life support. Or you want to be on life support for as long as your doctors find fit.

Give Your Loved Ones An Easier Time

If a loved one has ever been seriously ill, you know how traumatizing the experience can be. From finding the best healthcare facilities for them to being by their bedside, it’s an experience you can’t wish to go through.

Now, imagine, with all this trauma, your loved ones are put in a position where they need to make vital medical decisions for you. While they will try their best to do what you’d have wanted, they’ll be merely second-guessing.

Create a living will and give your loved ones an easier time.

Avoid Court Cases

It’s not uncommon for medical cases to end up in court.

This can happen when your loved ones are able to reach a common decision regarding your treatment. Perhaps your spouse knows you never wanted to be put on life support, so they decide that you shouldn’t be put on the machines. On the other hand, your kids want the doctors to do everything they can to save your life, including putting you on life support.

A living will eliminates such cases. You put down your instructions, and that’s what your people will do.

Create A Living Will – Don’t Wait

Yesterday was the best time to create a living will, but you didn’t. The next best time is today. Thank heavens you have this opportunity; don’t waste it. You now know the reasons why it’s important to create this document.

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