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4 Genres Missing From Your Weekend Reading List

December 22, 2020 Off By Glespynorson

When a day or two of free time arises, it is easy to limit yourself to reading the latest mystery or romance novel. Many people assume these lighter topics will be the most enjoyable and relaxing; however, it may be time to consider expanding your reading list. Some of the most engrossing books belong to genres you may not have guessed.

1. Historical Fiction

Although historical fiction is not entirely based on facts, this genre combines historical information with engaging detail to yield highly readable content. These hybrid books are so compelling largely because the reader knows that much of the content occurred in real life. Depending on the circumstances, this authenticity can make the events of a story exciting or harrowing. You may normally shy away from history books, but works of historical fiction are often quick and easy to read because they are free to fill in the gaps that statistics and timelines leave behind. You can see, hear and feel actual historic events from the perspective of someone who was really there.

2. Science and Technology

Given the current rapid rate of technological development, literature about the sciences is often particularly fascinating. These works can help you understand how today’s technology came to be or inspire you about the advances we can expect in the near future. In addition, these books can help you advance in your education or career. For instance, David Walsh Bronxville contributes to a recent publication that aims to help wage earners adjust to technological shifts affecting their work.

3. Classics

While you may consider classic novels to be in the same category as any other work of fiction, older narratives have unique value amongst all the options at your local bookstore. Similar to historical fiction, classics allow you to look in on the world in another era. This glimpse may make you appreciate modern conveniences or yearn for a simpler time. It is also amusing to learn to interpret the charming and often unfamiliar phrases of a past age.

4. Biographies

Biographies, chronicles of a person’s life, are also worthwhile reads. This genre is as broad as are periods of time or fields of work. You can narrow down possible choices by focusing on notable people who are associated with your interests. You just might find that the great inventor you have always admired is not so different from yourself.

Before grabbing that mass-market paperback at your local supermarket, consider broadening your literary horizons. There is no reason that your diverting weekend reading cannot also be informative.