5 Reasons why you need an Accident Injury Attorney on Speed Dial

5 Reasons why you need an Accident Injury Attorney on Speed Dial

January 6, 2021 Off By Glespynorson

We’ve all been in a car accident at least once in our lives. It doesn’t have to be anything terrible, just a small bump in the car in front. However, even something like this can be traumatic, everyone would agree.

When it comes to more serious accidents, injury is normal to occur. In a situation like this, we all need medical help. The shock and stress during this time is not an easy thing to deal with. This why you need someone who will help you overcome this moment.

This person is called – personal injury attorney. You need one in your phone’s book, and it is best if you have them set up on speed dial. This way you won’t need to search for their number while in panic from the accident. Follow up to learn more about their role, and why it’s crucial to have them on speed dial.

What is an Accident Injury Attorney?

An accident injury attorney, or a personal injury lawyer, is a person whose main expertise is the law. They specialized in personal injury and are qualified and experienced to protect your rights and needs in a case when you’ve been a part of an accident.

These accidents most often occur while driving a vehicle. You can be the one responsible, or be the one that did nothing wrong, but still got hit. The lawyer is there to help you with the legal matter. See a thorough definition on this link.

If the problem is severe, you’ll be taken to the hospital, or if it’s mild, you’ll go there on your own. Making a record in the hospital will help both in building a stronger case and fight for your rights. Now, let’s see why it’s smart to have one on speed dial.

Will get you out of Trouble when the Accident Happens

When the police arrive on the scene, they are going to question both parties involved in the accident. If there’s no other party, then the one injured is the only one responsible, and the police are going to try to incriminate them immediately.

Although we all think that police are there to serve and protect, in cases like these, they are immediately going to try to solve the case and make it easier for them later. This is why they start questioning the drivers and make a record of the scene immediately.

In a state of shock and confusion, people say anything. This will make them incriminate themselves, which is almost impossible to fix later. This is why all attorneys suggest people say nothing until they arrive.

If you have the lawyer on speed dial, they’ll come immediately. Until then, you’re not obligated to answer any questions. You can just say that you’re waiting for your legal representative. Then, with their advice, you can start answering questions.

5 Reasons why you need an Accident Injury Attorney on Speed Dial

Will know how to deal with Authorities

If you’re being taken downtown, the police will be authorized to get a sample of your blood and/or urine. This is something you can’t oppose. However, you can let your lawyer speak to the authorities and see what can be done for you to go home.

Depending on the case, you might end up in jail that night. If the lawyer manages to find a way to get you out, you’ll spend the night at home. It’s not the same staying in the precinct, and at home.

Will Handle the Deal with Hospitals and Insurance Companies

If you’re hurt and taken to the hospital, then expect a ton of bills. All these should be going to your insurance, or fall on your back. If it was your fault for the accident, you might even have to pay for the treatment of the other party. This all a lot of money.

If you have no lawyer, you’ll be in deep trouble. If you do have one that will come immediately, they will know what procedures must be done, will call the insurance company, and will know what is best for you.

If the accident is not your fault, then getting compensation from injury lawyers is the only way to do it. The other party will surely hire one, and these guys are professionals. They’ll do anything in their power to protect the client.

Won’t let you Waste time on Unnecessary Stuff

When you’re in the hospital bed hurt, you can’t pay attention to everything that will come your way. Doctors, insurers, police, the other party involved, and their lawyers. All this requires a tampon between them and you. If you want to recover properly, you need someone to handle these issues.

Won’t allow you to go to Jail

After the worse is gone, the police or the other party involved in the accident will press charges against you. Of course, if you’re the one responsible for it. In a situation like this, it’s crucial to have someone protecting your rights.

If you have a lawyer with you from the very start, they’ll be able to build a strong case and get you out of prison. The punishment might be severe if the accident was huge, so you need a person that will take care of you properly. See more about this here: https://medium.com/@jaysekulowny/what-is-needed-to-build-a-strong-legal-case-f250923f5ff2.

Find someone who will be experienced and available 24/7. Have them on speed dial, and make sure you call them right away. This action might save your life. It may be the difference between spending years in jail and walk out free with minimum compensation for the damage done.

5 Reasons why you need an Accident Injury Attorney on Speed Dial


Any can be in a part of a car accident. This is not something that happens to those who are not good drivers. The important thing is to be ready when this happens. Make sure you find a great personal injury lawyer and have them on speed dial. Call them whenever it is needed, and don’t answer questions until they arrive on the scene.