5 Tips On Choosing Seo Agencies For Law Firms

5 Tips On Choosing Seo Agencies For Law Firms

September 4, 2020 Off By Glespynorson

Did you know there are over 1.3 million licensed attorneys in the United States? While each law firm has it’s own fields of expertise and unique clients, there’s a lot of competition out there. To generate more leads and get new clientele, you need to establish a strong online presence.

Most people research products and services online before they decide to buy. They use search engines like Google to find out everything they can about a company. Without an SEO strategy, your law firm isn’t going to rank high in the results.

However, when it comes to choosing SEO agencies, it can be difficult to narrow down your options. We’re here to help. Keep reading for our top five tips for finding professional online marketing for lawyers.

1. Ask About Pricing

Obviously, you always need to consult your business budget before making any decisions. When choosing SEO agencies, remember that cheaper doesn’t always mean better. A less expensive agency could have less experience, fewer resources, and sub-par marketing tools.

However, price is an important factor, especially if your budget is somewhat limited. Just don’t allow it to be your only concern.

2. Find Out What Services They Offer

The benefits of SEO and working with SEO agencies vary greatly, depending on what services they offer. For example, do they offer content creation as well as back page SEO coding? What about gaining backlinks from credible websites?

Find out what is all included in their SEO packages.

3. Ask About Their Experience With Seo

Next, when choosing SEO agencies, you need to find out what law firm SEO experience they have. Can they cater to your industry’s specific needs? Do they know how to attract the types of clients that your services appeal to?

While SEO has generic rules and predictable results, there are variations within each industry. They center around both the services offered and the target market.

4. Ask For A Free Consultation

No matter what type of service your searching for, be it marketing for lawyers or contractors to fix up your law firm building, you’re going to have options. That’s why most service providers offer free consultations to get their foot in the door with potential clients.

When choosing SEO agencies, ask for a consultation to get an idea of how the company works and what they can do for your law firm. Ask about their specific digital marketing strategy and costs. Get a quote based on what they think is necessary to boost your business.

5. Find References And Reviews

Finally, take the time to look up reviews and testimonials for any agencies you’re considering. They should have them posted on their websites and/or social media pages. You can also use a simple Google search to find reviews.

In some cases, companies will publish case studies from previous clients that highlight their growth and success. These can be helpful for choosing the right company to handle your SEO needs.

Do You Need Help Choosing Seo Agencies For Your Practice?

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with investing in the future of your law firm. Just make sure you take the time to make an educated decision.

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