6 Reasons to Have a Will

6 Reasons to Have a Will

March 26, 2021 Off By Glespynorson

Will could be a legal document that enables you to decide what happens with your estate after you die. Many Americans don’t have a will and if you are among them, you should know that there are many reasons to have a will. In case, if you die without leaving the will behind you, you leave vital decisions up to a local court and your state’s laws. You don’t know who will ultimately receive your property and other assets. You can also look for Will lawyers in Melbourne.  It may also raise problems for your loved ones after you pass. Below are some of the top reasons you should make a will today:

Decide Who Can Look out of Your Child

Are you a parent? Then will is important to nominate a guardian for your minor children. If one parent dies, the surviving parent will usually get sole legal custody. But unfortunately, both parents die, this is one of the most important reasons to have a will. However, your Child Custody Attorney in Peoria IL can assist you in this situation.

A guardian chosen by you will be responsible for all your children’s daily needs, including food, housing, health care, education, and clothing. In case, you do not choose a guardian in your will, a court will have to choose one for you.

Help in Saving Time, Money, And Stress for Your Loved Ones

To streamline the probate process is one of the foremost reasons to have a will. You may choose the person you want to handle your estate, making it easier for your loved ones, when you have a will. To start the legal process overseeing the distribution of assets, almost all estates have to go to probate court. This process may become complicated if you don’t have a will and the court has to name a personal representative to administer your estate. And this will be expensive, time-consuming, and even contentious for your loved ones.

Decide Who May Ultimately Gets Your Assets and Property

Will describe who will receive all or part of your property when you pass away. Will property include house, automobiles, financial assets, and any other personal property you wish to pass on.

Lower The Potential for Family Disputes

Having a Will may reduce the chance of dispute. Unfortunately, if you die without leaving a Will, your family members may start guessing at what your final wishes were. And there will be chances that, not all members always agree. This may lead to conflicts, which sometimes lasts a lifetime. By making Will behind you may eliminate this guesswork.

Leave Instructions for Your Digital Assets

Online accounts, such as Facebook or email, and digital files or property (photos, videos, domain names, etc) are included in digital assets. With the help of Will, you can name a digital executor to manage these assets and also include information on how you want them to handle them after your death.

Provide a Home for Your Pets

It may also be a great reason to have a will. You may make sure that someone takes care of your pet after you die. With the help of will, you may ask any of your relatives to become a caretaker of your pets.