A Comprehensive Guide to Help Track a Phone Number

A Comprehensive Guide to Help Track a Phone Number

December 9, 2020 Off By Glespynorson

Have you ever felt the need to trace a phone number that has called you multiple times? Unfortunately, due to the spam calls, cyber-crimes, and cyberbullying, this has become so prevalent these days, we all want to get track of any unknown number that shows up on our phones. Luckily, due to some amazing applications and technological advancements, we can now conveniently look up exactly where a call is coming from.

Tracking a phone number can provide safety for a number of reasons. From helping you uncover the identity of the person who is contacting you, to helping you eliminate the possibilities of a potential threat, tracking a phone number can provide you with a psychological relief.

Tracking The Locations Of Phone Numbers

The simplest, yet most effective approach, is to use IMEI and GPS call tracking applications to get access to the exact location of any phone call. There are several amazing apps available, like the GPS phone or Locate Any Phone, which helps in tracking mobiles, even when there is no internet connection. These apps help provide the GPS coordinates of a particular phone number within a minute. Moreover, you can also track phone numbers by SMS or WhatsApp messages with the aid of these apps, without giving those people a notification that you’re looking them up. This is a great way to know the where-about of your family members.

However, in the case of WhatsApp, the presence of privacy settings may hinder your investigations.

Tracking The Owner Of A Phone Number

Web services like Free Cell Phone Lookups are an amazing help when you’re trying to track a phone number of someone you don’t know. You can just enter the number of this unknown person and track them online by determining the location of the owner. It’s better to become a member of this service, in order to get a more detailed report.

Fortunately, you can now also track the home address of the owner of the phone with services like Whitepages. Just enter the number, and it will display the home address linked to that phone number. This is most helpful when GPS tracking isn’t working. Since you’re working backwards from the phone to get details, this type of process is called the reverse lookup.

Reverse phone number searches provide you with a plethora of results. For instance, you can learn about the person’s name, the area they reside in, as well as other general information that is public record.

Whitepages works by scanning all the public records and details of the individual and provides you with a thorough insight into the person and their phone number. This is by far one of the most effective ways of tracking phone numbers, along with other relevant information while keeping in the confinements of the law.

How To Track The Caller ID Of Phone Numbers Without Getting A Call?

If you’re looking for a substitute for GPS coordinates when trying to track a phone number, there are various services that will help you get the name of the person you’re looking for. However, it’s highly important that the service you’re using does not capture the data.

There are look-up services available that also help in checking how much the particular number has spammed others in the past. If the phone number is found to have a spam history, these services will show you the number as “spam”. This is quite helpful because you don’t end up wasting time picking up useless calls.

Considering this, it is imperative to carry out comprehensive research, prior to signing up for a service.

Searching For Facebook Accounts With Phone Numbers

Most people link their Facebook accounts with their phone numbers, and therefore you can find such accounts easily. Just put in the number in the search bar of Facebook, and it will show any messages or profile that is linked to the number in search results. These search results will actually show wherever they have appeared. This is very useful in trying to figure out who called you and it also helps in protecting yourself from spam.

Facebook provides an insight into the person’s profile, which is an added benefit. Through the phone number, you can see all about the person; their friends, their interests, their hobbies, what they do, and most importantly, their location. You can easily take any legal action against them.

With that said, there is a significant possibility that the person you want to find may not have contacted you from the number they use in their social settings. However, if you are carrying out an investigation to identify if your spouse is cheating, you can easily take assistance from Facebook.

What To Do When The Caller Is Unknown?

There are certain times when the phone number is blocked. In such circumstances, you can try using Trapcall. This service helps in revealing the phone number. Services like Trapcall in the UK assist in unmasking all blocked and unknown numbers. The process of tracking the location and other data once you have uncovered the phone number becomes fairly easy.

Hire A Private Investigator

Even after taking all these measures, there is still a possibility that you need more assistance with your personal investigation. In such a scenario, hiring a private detective can be your best option. A private investigator is able to provide you with a detailed service, which can cover numerous areas. Whether you wish to trace a number to identify if your spouse is cheating, or if you are in the search for someone who owes you money, private detectives can conduct elaborate research to make sure that you have all the answers.

That said, it is important to hire a professional and experienced private investigation firm. If you are in the search for an investigator, reach out to Private Investigations UK. You can schedule a free consultation session to discuss all the relevant details regarding the case.