A Glance At The UPSC CSE Yearly Vacancy

A Glance At The UPSC CSE Yearly Vacancy

March 31, 2023 Off By Glespynorson

 One of the most prestigious exams in India is the Civil Services Examination (CSE), which has a very competitive qualification process.


The UPSC announces the number of openings for the CSE exam each year. We have therefore offered a thorough analysis of the vacancies announced by the UPSC over the years to aid hopefuls in understanding the year wise vacancies of UPSC CSE.


This article will give readers a quick overview of the UPSC CSE’s vacancies by year, allowing them to plan their preparation accordingly.

Importance of UPSC CSE


The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is India’s top central hiring organisation. Hiring government employees, including civil servants, falls within its purview.


For individuals hoping to join India’s government administration, the UPSC CSE is the entry point. It offers the chance to serve the country in the most honourable manner possible. In addition, it serves as a gateway for individuals wishing to aid in the country’s advancement.


To choose the most qualified applicants for civil service, UPSC conducts CSE. The outcome of the preliminary and main exams will determine the candidate’s status in the selection process. In addition, the candidate’s knowledge, abilities, aptitude, and attitude are considered when choosing a candidate.


Much diligence and hard study are needed to succeed in the challenging UPSC CSE exam. Candidates should thoroughly understand the subjects covered in the preliminary and main exams.


Candidates who want to do well in the exam should be well-versed in various courses, including General Studies, Economics, History, Political Science, and International Relations.

Details of UPSC CSE Vacancies 


1. Number of Vacancies

One of India’s most esteemed and tough exams is the Civil Services Examination (CSE), administered by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). Each year, the UPSC publishes a notification outlining the number of CSE openings that will be filled. A notification for 1255 open positions was published by UPSC this year.


2. Eligibility Requirements 


Candidates must fulfil specific requirements to qualify for the UPSC CSE. Being an Indian national and having graduated from an accredited university with a degree in any area are two examples of this. The age range for applicants must also be between 21 and 32. A valid Aadhar Card, an active email address, and a working mobile number are also requirements for candidates.


3. Process of Applying


Online registration on the UPSC website is required to apply to the UPSC CSE. All required information must be provided on the application form, which must be filled out completely and precisely. 


The application cost, Rs. 100 for candidates in the General and OBC categories, must be paid once the form has been submitted. Either online or by way of a challan are acceptable methods of payment for fees. 


Also, the candidate must provide a photo of themselves and a copy of their signature in the format required. Finally, the candidate must print off the application form after it is successfully filed to be referenced in the future.


Preparation for the Exam 


1. Application Process 

The application process must be finished before you start studying for any competitive exam. It includes learning about the test, comprehending the requirements, completing the application, and submitting necessary paperwork or costs. 


There may be deadlines that need to be reached, so that information is also vital. Upon application, applicants should periodically check the website or contact the appropriate authorities to find out how their application is progressing.


2. Recommended Resources

Beginning exam preparation comes when the application process is finished. There are numerous tools accessible to aid applicants in this process. Online tools like video lectures, quizzes, and study materials provided by Physics Wallah are excellent places to start. 


Aside from that, you can study for the test using books and other resources from reputable companies. Also, candidates should monitor their development by taking regular mock exams and analysing their outcomes. 


Selection Procedure 


A. Post Allocation: This is the initial stage of the hiring process, where candidates are assigned to positions that are suitable for them. The allocation is often made based on the candidate’s abilities, qualifications, and experience.


A. Document Submission: Candidates must submit their documents for verification after assigning positions. Depending on the job title, they may need different documents for the verification process.

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C. Written Test: This is the next stage of the hiring process, where candidates’ talents are tested. Questions from topics relating to the employment position will be included in the written test.


D. Physical Examination: The candidates’ physical fitness is evaluated during the physical examination. This round of the hiring process is typically carried out for jobs requiring physical strength.


F. Personal interview: This is the most crucial step in the hiring process. A panel of seasoned professionals interviews the candidates to evaluate their skills and capabilities.


F. Medical Exam: It’s critical to have the candidate undergo a medical exam to ensure they are both physically and psychologically qualified for the position.


G. Final Selection: Following the medical exam, the choice is made. The employment opening is disclosed to and offered to the chosen candidates.


Thanks to the UPSC Civil Services Examination, those who want to work in civil services have a fantastic opportunity.


Although the actual number of UPSC Civil Services vacancies varies from year to year, it often ranges in the thousands. Therefore, it takes effort and commitment to succeed on the difficult UPSC Civil Services Test.


As a result, candidates must prepare themselves with the necessary knowledge and abilities to succeed in this intense exam.


Aspirants can realise their goal of becoming successful civil employees by adopting the appropriate strategy. 




1: How are candidates for the UPSC CSE selected?

A1. There are three steps to the UPSC CSE selection process: Prelims, Mains, and Interview.


2. How many times am I allowed to take the UPSC CSE?

A2. You may take the UPSC CSE up to six times.


3. Is there a minimum age requirement to take the UPSC CSE?

A3. Indeed, the minimum age requirement to take the UPSC CSE is 21 years old, while the maximum is 32 years old.