A Look at the Car Accident Statistics in Major Texas Cities

A Look at the Car Accident Statistics in Major Texas Cities

April 6, 2023 Off By Glespynorson

Car accidents account for most deaths in the US. Texas is among the states with the highest number of cases, and car accidents range from minor crashes to deadly crashes. It’s worth noting that Texas is overpopulated, and most accidents occur in urban areas. The statistics are worrying, and drivers should take extra caution to stay safe on the roads.

Most Dangerous Cities to Drive in Texas

Texas has various cities which are ever busy. With significant traffic, collisions happen daily. Such occurrences lead to death, injuries, and other accident-related issues. Below is a statewide Texas car accident statistics infographic for accident-prone cities.


Houston has the highest number of car accidents and fatalities reported yearly than any other state in Texas. From previous statistics, 67,241 accidents were reported in Houston. Additionally, 245 more fatalities and 1304 injuries were reported than in other cities.

San Antonio 

San Antonio is another dangerous city to drive to in Texas. Sometimes the city records more DUI crashes than Houston. According to statistics, 46,175 crashes happened in San Antonio, leading to 189 fatalities and 923 injuries.


Dallas is also ranked a dangerous city to drive to in Texas. This city recorded 35,433 crashes. Most of the crashes involve cars. Out of the crashes, 192 fatalities were recorded, while most of the victims incurred injuries leaving the number to around 1,137.

El Paso

According to the Texas Department of Transportation’s Crash Records Information System, there were a total of 233 crashes reported in El Paso County, resulting in 5,969 possible injuries and 65 fatalities.

What are the Major Causes of Accidents in Texas?

There are many reasons why an accident can occur. Below are the major factors related to most car accidents in Texas.

Distracted driving

Distracted means you are not fully connected to your automobile as a driver. This is one of Texas’s leading causes of accidents, just as it is in other states. Drivers texting, using their phones, eating, or otherwise distracted are more likely to cause accidents.

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Overspeeding increases the risk of accidents. Speeding reduces your driving time to react to changing road conditions, such as sudden stops or unexpected obstacles.

Driving Under The Influence

Drunk driving is illegal in all states and can lead to significant penalties. Impaired drivers are a significant cause of accidents in Texas. Alcohol and drugs impair a driver’s ability to make sound decisions, react quickly, and control their vehicle.

Poor  Weather/ Road Conditions

Harsh weather conditions lead to most accidents car accidents. Texas Sometimes might experience severe weather conditions, such as heavy rain, fog, and ice, making driving more hazardous.

The condition of the road also determines the driving experience you will have. In Texas, a few poorly maintained roads, construction zones, and other road hazards increase the risk of accidents.

Unmaintained Vehicles and Poor Training 

Faulty equipment or poorly maintained vehicles can cause accidents. Examples include brake failure, tire blowouts, and engine malfunctions. Additionally, inadequate training of drivers or workers leads to accidents.

Final Thoughts 

Car accidents are common in Texas and have great negative impacts. They lead to death and injuries, which accounts for emergency expenses. Texas is among the most affected states by car accidents. The guide above provides necessary information about Texas car accidents.