After a DUI, What Should You Do?

After a DUI, What Should You Do?

April 20, 2022 Off By Glespynorson

If you’ve been charged with a DUI for the first time, you might be wondering what comes next. Nobody expects to be arrested for a DUI, so you’re probably unsure of what to do next. When you obtain a DUI, here are some of the most crucial things you should do.

Seek Legal Advice

When it comes to DUIs, it’s critical to know your state’s regulations. Hiring a good attorney with experience managing DUI cases can help make the process go a lot smoother.

Show Up to Court

To avoid future legal difficulties, it goes without saying that you should attend your court date. A DUI offender must appear in court or before your state licensing office within 30 days of their arrest in most states.

Execute the Penalty

The court in your case may impose a range of penalties, including fines, classes, probation, license revocation or limitation, and even jail time. It’s critical that you follow this sentence in order to complete your sentence and go on with your life so that you can regain your driver’s license in the future. The seriousness of your penalty will be determined by the seriousness of your offense.

What To Do After a DUI Accident

Make Sure You Are Covered With the Correct Insurance

If you get a DUI, there’s a strong possibility your insurance company may cancel your coverage. It’s critical to get insurance if you still have your driver’s license. In most jurisdictions, you’ll also be needed to file an SR-22, which acts as verification that you have the minimum level of insurance required by your state. For a minimum of three years, you must have insurance and file an SR-22 form. If your insurance policy expires, your insurance company is compelled by law to notify your state licensing authorities, which will most likely result in your driver’s license being suspended. On our Auto Insurance page, you may find insurance companies for DUI offenders.

Regain your Driver’s License

If you are convicted of a DUI, your license will most likely be suspended for a length of time. Once you’ve completed the suspension, you may be eligible for a temporary or limited license, which will allow you to commute to work and to the alcohol program you’ll most likely need to attend.

You must show that you’ve completed or are in the process of finishing whatever punishment you’ve been sentenced to in order to receive your license back. You’ll also need to submit an SR-22 form from your insurance company to the state as proof of insurance. Finally, you’ll have to pay any fees levied by your state in order to get your license reissued. Check with the DMV to see if your state has any additional requirements for regaining your license.