Amazing Features of Meta Trading 4

Amazing Features of Meta Trading 4

December 22, 2021 Off By Glespynorson

MetaTrader 4 is a trading platform. It is the choice of many brokers, and millions of traders use this tool. It gained popularity due to its user-friendly environment, advanced charts, live analysis, and auto-monitoring of trading accounts. It uses powerful analytical tools and provides a classy design. It is your choice to choose automatic trading or set up with add-ons. MT4 provides different signals and indicators for your trading strategy.

Some of the key MT4 platform features include:

  • To provide a real-time environment for bidding
  • It can support different orders at once.
  • Provision of automated trading tools
  • Make available a strategy tester for automated trading.
  • Price alert notification via email or text message
  • Different versions, such as desktop and mobile apps, are available.
  • It provides an MQL community to share ideas and tools with other traders.

Hidden Functions of Metatrader

Besides these features, there are some hidden features in Meta Trader 4. These features are difficult to spot at first sight, but they are useful for traders. A broker like Globex 360 Metatrader 4 and traders are using its hidden features.

Review of the Market Review

If you want to see a complete list of trading instruments, then the Market Review feature is available for this. Click on the “market review” icon and select “help” located on the right side, then click on “show all symbols.” Now you can see a list of trading instruments. Now you can select your trading instruments. A user can also add and remove the instruments they want to use.

Two or More Indicators Are

You can also use more than one indicator on the same price chart. Select the “view” icon and click on “navigator” to add indicators. There is a list of indicators shown on the screen. Now you can use any one of them for your trading chart.

Past Transactions

You can also view your past transactions. Select “view” and click on “terminal,” then select “Account history.” Now you can add past transactions to your chart. Press and hold the “shift key” to add the full history of the trading instrument to your chart.


Meta Trader 4 Expert Advisor - Forex Trade Logic

Click the F10 button to monitor quotes. An icon will appear to monitor the quotes. Click the “always on top” option.

Price Scale

If you want to analyze your chart’s price, use the price scale. If you want to add this feature, press the mouse’s middle key and CTRL+F.

Modification of the Price Chart

If you want to change the price chart, then drag the price. If you want to revert the settings, press the mouse twice on a specific price area.

Password Options

You can also use an investor password. An investor password allows you to view more information.

How to Change a Password

If you want to change your password, then click “settings” and click on the “server” option, then select the “change” button.

Trailing Stop

It is a very useful function because it allows you to make the most money possible from the transaction. The fact is that the stop-loss adjusts itself automatically in response to changes in the market price.


If you want to cancel your command, click the Ctrl+Z button to cancel it.

Final Words

Metatrader 4 offers many features that help a trader perform trading on any broker account and gain profit.