An Employment Lawyer in Los Angeles

An Employment Lawyer in Los Angeles

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Located in Los Angeles, Rose, Klein & Marias LLP specializes in representing workers who have been mistreated at work. Our attorneys are sensitive to the distress that these cases may cause. The Los Angeles employment lawyer at our law firm can assist you in finding an appropriate resolution that is both efficient and effective.

We encourage you to turn to us if you or someone you know has been mistreated at work. To move on with your life, we want to help you get the results you need to put this behind you.

If you are looking for Employment Lawyer in Los Angeles, you can explore this website. Majarian Law Group, APC is a firm that represents employees in individual, representative, or class action disputes against their current or former employers.

Laws Pertaining to California Employment

Employers in California face a complex set of employment laws. There may be state and federal statutes and rules at play, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or EEOC compliance regulations. Their interpretations seem to change frequently. I think we can handle that challenge. In Los Angeles, we are experienced employment attorneys who know how to make the law work for our clients.

All types of employment law issues can be handled by an Employment Lawyer in Los Angeles and all over Southern California, including:

  • Age, racial, sex, and religious discrimination are some of the forms of employment discrimination.
  • Harassment of women at work is unlawful and wrong. If you have been the victim of sexual harassment at work, we can protect your rights.
  • In the event of wrongful termination, you may have legal recourse if you lost your job for an illegal reason. Consult with an attorney for more information.
  • Please contact us if you believe you are owed overtime or other theft of wages.

Viewpoint: Confessions of a Reformed Employment Attorney

A Los Angeles employment attorney at Rose, Klein & Marias LLP can help, whether you are facing unpaid overtime, being fired because of your gender or facing any other type of employment law mistreatment.

Discrimination in the Workplace: What Is It?

Often, discrimination is at fault when an employer makes a major decision about an employee’s performance based on factors other than productivity. The employer is discriminating against an employee when they consider age, race, gender, national origin, religion or pregnancy when they decide on promotions, shift assignments, performance reviews, demotions, terminations or unfair disciplinary actions. We have the San Fernando Valley employment lawyers with the experience that you need to hold your employer accountable for these practices.

Los Angeles Employment Lawyers Offer Free Consultations

We have established a reputation for success since our law firm was established in 1936. It has been our tradition to share our knowledge with our colleagues, as well as the lawyers of tomorrow. With over 45 years of experience at USC and UCLA, we have taught at both law schools. Lawyers trust us to teach them what they need to do right by their clients. We can help you find a Los Angeles employment attorney who will help you.

We are able to handle not only employment law issues related to mistreatment at work, but also workers’ compensation claims arising from injury on the job.

On a contingency basis, we handle most employment law cases. We do not charge you anything