Application For BOI Promotion in Thailand

Application For BOI Promotion in Thailand

July 26, 2022 Off By Glespynorson

Starting a business in Thailand opens a ton of chances with the assistance of the Board of Investment (BOI). For sure, major investors assume a part in helping individuals to develop an enterprise within the country. This advantages the nationals who can be impacted with many limitations yet will enjoy incentives as Thailand fosters its economy.

To apply for BOI is basic. It works quicker through a legitimate appeal with the goal that you can make the most of its benefits.

About Board of Investment

The government of Thailand plays a vital role in its fast economic growth. BOI is an active organization that helps a lot of investors around Thailand. Foreign entities may also claim land through BOI assistance.

Moreover, Thailand is known for its innovation to deliver the best products and services to consumers. It was only possible with the help of BOI.

BOI Promotion For Tax/Non-Tax Incentives

Foreign entities may encounter some constraints when running a business in Thailand. However, an application for a BOI promotion can keep them away from possible restrictions.

With tax incentives, there is an exemption from corporate income tax for around 8 years. Other than that is a reduction of import duties and dividend taxes among investors and also on other utility costs. Additionally, companies will have fewer expenses for construction.

Non-tax incentives give foreign entities the liberty to hire workers other than Thai professionals. Furthermore, there is a purported one-stop visa process that grants alien businesses to get work licenses and non-foreigner visas suddenly. It likewise makes new investors possess land within Thailand.

Foreign Entities Eligible For BOI Promotion

There are measures an organization should meet to get a BOI promotion and partake in its advantages, including:

  • The organization ought to contribute something like 1,000,000 baht.
  • There should be at least three investors and a Thai-enlisted company.
  • The business should be under qualified enterprises, like farming, mining, hardware, public utilities, and a lot more.

At the point when this large number of standards are met, then you can continue to the fundamental stages to get a BOI promotion.

Obtaining a BOI Promotion

The cycle to get a BOI is piece complex however expert guidance can help. Here is a step-by-step process to start with:

1. Accomplish Certain Documents

This incorporates a ton of records that matter for your business. Applicants can get the necessary forms from BOI central command or through the internet for easier access.

The documents contain the entity’s income and costs, staff abilities and experiences, the number of workers, and some more.

2. Assessment

Entrepreneurs along with the authorities will lead a meeting. It relies upon the business classification on the off chance that a subsequent meeting is required along with government bodies.

Through the data accumulated, the BOI will evaluate the business and may demand added information. The assessment frequently centers around the venture cash flow to see whether the strategic plan is great.

3. Wait For Inputs

Sitting tight for the criticism will endure as long as 90 days, contingent upon the venture esteem. The higher the sum, the more you should sit tight for one or the other endorsement or dismissal from the BOI.

For example, the venture capital is higher than 2B baht, so it would require 90 working days after the application to acquire feedback.

4. Registration Procedures

When the application is accepted, the business ought to be laid out in six months or less. Complete the accompanying archives to enlist your business in Thailand:

  • Certification of BOI Promotion
  • Organization Enlistment Authentication
  • Memorandum of Association
  • An Investor’s Rundown
  • Bank Affirmation
  • Contract
  • Human Asset Structure

5. Get BOI Certificate

In the wake of presenting each one of the said reports, the organization should give a BOI testament in 10 days or less. The declaration will incorporate a few standards and guidelines for the new venture.

6. One-Step Visa Process


Before a foreign company could recruit non-Thai workers, it is fundamental to enlist the business to the e-expert system. A short time later, the foreign representatives can get a work license and visa.

7. BOI Reporting

The privilege behind obtaining a BOI promotion is incomparable. Therefore, adhering to the rules and regulations can make it more worth it. Business owners must report to the BOI heads within the said timeline to take delight in many more opportunities. These include tax and import duty reduction, as well as machine installation for a very long time.

Other Things to Consider

Working with BOI promotion requests foreign entities to comply with Thai guidelines. The company should consistently look for BOI’s approval every step of the way. The BOI likewise has the privilege of the organization’s bookkeeping to see whether they are fulfilling the provided guidelines.

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, beginning a business in Thailand requires working with government bodies. They can assure you that you are investing in the right places to grow your company. It additionally makes a difference to pick whom you are working with to keep away from numerous dangers en route. Finally, it is simpler to get a BOI promotion when you have clean business records.

Keep in mind all the important factors to register a BOI company in Thailand. They are a bit strict, however, the above step-by-step guideline will get you through it.