Bank Cards: The Cost Of A High-End Card Is Amortized Over Two Trips

Bank Cards: The Cost Of A High-End Card Is Amortized Over Two Trips

July 16, 2020 Off By Glespynorson

A bank card is not only used to withdraw cash from a ATM, to pay for purchases in the shop or to pay the bill at the restaurant. When traveling, it also offers assistance and insurance guarantees (plane delay, luggage theft, hospitalization, etc.) very useful and advantageous … provided you have a high-end card, or even a card.

There are three main types of bank cards: ordinary (Visa or MasterCard), high-end (Visa Premier, Gold MasterCard and Gold American Express) and black, so-called prestige cards (Visa Infinite, MasterCard World Elite, and American Express Platinum). If the former offer a fairly low level of guarantee, the latter is not the case. Admittedly, their cost is on average three times higher (120 euros instead of 40), but, thanks to the auto and cancellation insurance included, the price difference is amortized after two short trips per year.

Conditions: You Must Pay For The Trip With Your Bank Card

Whatever your card – classic or high-end – the guarantees only work if you use it to pay for your trip, partially or fully depending on the case. Another condition is that you are more than 100 kilometers from your home at the time of the incident. Please note: the duration of the cover is limited to the first 90 days of your trip with a standard card and the first 180 days with a high-end card. Good to know in the event of family travel: your spouse or partner is then covered (supporting certificate of cohabitation) as well as your dependent unmarried children less than 25 years of age. The coverage is wider with a high-end card since your ascendants living under the same roof and fiscally dependent are also guaranteed (whether you travel together or separately),

Black Cards: Advantages Appreciated By Lovers Of High Standing

We know well the “blue” and the “golden”, but there are also the “black” cards. These very high-end cards are called Visa Infinite, MasterCard World Elite (ex Platinum) or American Express Platinum. Advantages: significantly higher withdrawal limits as well as increased insurance and assistance guarantees. Another service commonly offered, sophisticated concierge services in luxury hotels (table reservations in chic restaurants or taxis during rush hour). Even if certain banks, such as Fortuneo or Barclays, issue these cards free of charge to their best customers, but there is high risk credit card processing fee they are generally sold very expensive (up to 600 euros per year). However, it seems that they do not always provide additional benefits justifying the extra price requested, particularly in terms of insurance,

Cancellation, Delay, Loss Of Luggage: Keep The Supporting Documents

With a classic card, do not expect to receive any compensation if you have to cancel your trip. On the other hand, with a high-end card, it will be reimbursed up to a limit of 4,500 or 5,000 euros. Of course, you must have a good reason (medical, professional or family) to cancel. And provide proof. Even impossibility, without a high-end card, to be compensated if your luggage has been lost, stolen or damaged. But, provided with the precious sesame, you will be able to touch between 800 and 850 euros, provided however that they remained constantly under your surveillance and that, as certain cards impose, the flight did not take place at the hotel . As for plane delays, they are generally only taken into account beyond 4 hours for regular flights (as well as for missed connections) and 6 hours for charter flights. Please note, in all cases, only the costs remaining at your expense are reimbursed after any compensation paid by the carrier or the travel agency. Finally, whatever the nature of the incident, keep all the supporting documents that are sure to be requested.