Benefits of Being a Notary

Benefits of Being a Notary

December 1, 2020 Off By Glespynorson

Every business needs a notary, and at some point in their lives, most people also need some type of notary service. Therefore, this career is always in demand, but there are other benefits to becoming a notary.


Even if you serve as a notary for a specific company, the company does not own your notary commission. Therefore, you can also start a notary business. This means, you can either work on the side or work full time as a notary.

You can also choose where and when you want to work. In fact, mobile notaries often earn higher incomes than stationary notaries because they are able to charge travel fees in addition to their notary fees. However, be sure to let your clients know about additional fees before you witness their documents.

Resume Booster

Due to their high demand, notary commissions improve resumes. Notarizing is a marketable skill in many industries, such as banking, medical, legal and insurance services. The government and technology industries are also interested in notaries. This is a valuable service for not only a company, but also for its clients.


Everyone needs a notary at one point or another, and companies and financial institutions need them frequently. Therefore, no matter the company or industry, your position is typically stable.

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Not only are you able to charge a flat notary fee, which may be up to $15 in some areas, but they may charge fees for travel, supplies and other services. As you gain experience, you can work with better paying clients as well. Notary signing agents earn even higher incomes because they handle real estate closings.

Unlike at a job, notaries earn more as they work more, so you will determine your own income level. In addition, notaries do not have to claim their notary fees as self-employment income, so they are not charged self-employment tax on their earnings.

Job Requirements

Notaries are not required to have advanced degrees or experience. They only need to complete the state’s requirements, which include filling out an application and paying a fee. Some states also require training and passing an exam before you are sworn in, but no future education is required unless you want to increase your income and become a notary signing agent.

Whether you want the stability of working at a company or the adventure and unlimited income of working for yourself, becoming a notary is an attractive option.