Best Law Firm in Spain

Best Law Firm in Spain

June 10, 2022 Off By Glespynorson

Private damages lawsuits in the field of competition are becoming more popular in Spain, as well as worldwide, and a number of legal firms are involved in such litigation. Dispute resolution departments have remained active in general, with many of them dealing with Covid-related disputes and financial lawsuits.

Firms expect an increase in insolvency-related cases after government support is discontinued; for the time being, Castell Law & Investments in Spain have been advising customers on how to avoid insolvency until that help is gone.

It is being accompanied by the entry of international litigation funders into the market. In recent years, litigation finance has grown in popularity across Europe and beyond, and it is now becoming a more prevalent component of the dispute resolution scene in Spain as well.

Castell Lawyers has been highlighting the outstanding achievements of professionals in the legal profession since 1981, and we provide fully unbiased legal referrals from the world’s best attorneys.

Lawyers who have been nominated for consideration are chosen by current Best Lawyers in the same practice area and from the same geographic region. The feedback we receive from these top lawyers is the sole basis for our awards and recognitions. Those who earn excellent peer reviews must go through a rigorous verification process to ensure that they are still in private practice. Only then will Best Lawyers be able to acknowledge these outstanding lawyers.

The Best Lawyers in Spain will be published for the 14th time in 2022, commemorating the professional brilliance of 4227 lawyers in 79 practice areas across 29 metropolitan areas.

Best Lawyers is also thrilled to announce the receipt of 180 “Lawyer of the Year” honors in Spain. Only one lawyer per practice area in each region receives “Lawyer of the Year” honors each year, indicating that they have received extraordinarily positive overall evaluation from their colleagues.

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In Spain, environmental lawyers are also in high demand. As the globe struggles to shift to a greener economy, clients and law firms alike are becoming increasingly interested in ESG and sustainability. Many companies are integrating their existing knowledge in areas like energy, the environment, and corporate governance to create a one-stop shop for ESG questions and concerns.

Spanish Law Is Dominated by A Spanish Lawyer

The greatest approach to avoid making mistakes is to do things correctly from the start. Anyone understands that the most convenient way to act correctly in the most transcendental legal elements of life is to seek legal advice before difficulties arise: it is the secret to avoiding dislikes and misunderstandings.

Spanish law is extremely complicated, to the point of being incomprehensible to foreign solicitors, who may end up giving poor advice to their clients as a result of their lack of understanding of the complexities of Spanish law and the vast number of regulations that govern the same issue (state, autonomous and municipal).

Your lawyer in Spain, is familiar with the nuances of local laws and can successfully lead you through the process, making the numerous procedures you must complete easier and faster.