Car Accident Injuries And Different Compensations You Can Claim

Car Accident Injuries And Different Compensations You Can Claim

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Atlanta is an American state filled with workaholics, tourists, and reckless drivers! No wonder there is a lot of traffic and people are always on the go. One of the busiest states in the United States of America comes with multiple benefits like better job opportunities, amazing places to explore, head out for a vacation, and whatnot.

However, these benefits don’t come for free. Thousands of Atlanta citizens come across car accidents every year. The traffic is crazy. While most of the accidents usually are minor and do not cost a lot, there are certain accidents that can leave an impact and you might want to get monetary compensation for them.

Car Accident Injuries After A Serious Accident In Atlanta

Let’s discuss some of the most common accident injuries that most drivers have to experience at least 3 times in their lifetime. Some injuries are internal but, you need to make sure that you get proper accident injury treatment in Atlanta to avoid the risk of developing chronic pain and discomfort in the coming years.

Brain Injuries

Car accidents where your head collides with some object in the car can lead to a traumatic brain injury. It is quite dangerous especially if brain clots start to form. Every year, more than fifty thousand people die from a brain injury that occurs due to a car accident. Even if the injury is not fatal, it can lead to a long-term or permanent disability.

Spine Injuries

Your spine is the most vulnerable part of your body and it is also the backbone of everything that you perform on a daily basis. Our bodies are not designed to suffer from a huge blow and in case of such injuries, you might suffer from some kind of physical disability or nervous system disorder. Many people who experience minor spine injuries take regular sessions with their chiropractor in Marietta who make adjustments and applies manipulation techniques to make you feel better.

Neck Injuries

Neck injuries like whiplash are the most sustained injuries of all time. Even in a low-impact accident, a person has the tendency of getting whiplash. It is the tearing of soft tissues, ligaments, and tendons in your neck that help the neck to move and function without any issues. Many people take whiplash as something minor; you need to know that untreated whiplash can actually lead to chronic pain.

External/Skin Injuries

If you are on a motorbike or your skin comes in contact with chemicals or hot fluids in the car, you are more likely to have burned. In a worst-case scenario, your car catches fire and you might require skin grafting or surgery to restore your looks.

Objects in the car can become projectile and hit you in case of an accident. You might suffer from bruises and cuts. This is why it is always advised to keep everything in the compartments and to keep your tools somewhere in the trunk.

Pedestrians who come in contact with a car or bike rides can actually be dragged if hit by a car which can cause burns and road rash due to friction.

Mental Injuries

All car accidents do not result in physical injuries. You may have sustained neurological and mental disabilities as a result of a car crash. It is quite common to develop post-traumatic stress disorder, and activities that used to be normal may give you anxiety and even be challenging. You can recover from any mental challenges that you are facing after an accident with the help of professional care and guidance. Sometimes people feel better just by talking about the trauma.

Bone Injuries

Having a fracture or two or getting a bone broken is quite common in serious accidents where your body comes under stress and the bones are unable to bear that. The complexity and intensity of broken bones are completely dependent on the type of accident you have had. Some people might suffer from a simple fracture that could get better in a month while others who suffered from compound accidents to crushed bones might need surgery.

Internal Injuries

Being okay on the outside doesn’t mean that it’s all sunshine and rainbows from now on. You still need to get professional accident injury treatment in Atlanta.Why? Because there is a possibility that you’re internal organs are damaged. Internal bleeding is also quite common in serious accidents. Pregnant women should visit the emergency room immediately even if the accident does not have a huge impact on their overall external health.

Facial Injuries

As discussed above, the objects in the car can become projectile and cause lacerations. Similarly, if a sharp object hits your face or the mirror is shattered right in from of the face, you may suffer from some serious disfiguring facial injuries and scars. Sometimes, the scars fade away on their own but in case of serious accidents, you might suffer from a disfigurement that could require surgery.

Knee And Foot Injuries

It is possible to get knee and foot injuries in a car accident. You can suffer from some lacerations and wounds to serious fractures. The most common knee injury in a serious car accident is tearing of the meniscus or cartilage in the knees. This happens due to twisting or abrupt turning or cartilage in the knee. Similarly, sprains and fractures are also quite common in the feet.

Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder injuries may occur from the accumulation of force by gearing up the hands against the wheel or the windshield in a motor vehicle collision. The shoulder lock is in place and experiences an undue force from the force of the crash. Many people take physical therapy or visit their chiropractor in Marietta to feel much better.

Compensation After Car Accident

If you are in an accident and it’s not your fault, the other party owes you some compensation according to American law.

Types Of Compensation

If you are in an accident, you can claim the following types of compensations:

Accident Injuries

Compensation For Medical Expenses

The other party has to make payments for as long as you stay in the accident, pain medication, and even alternate care. If the accident doctor recommends future treatment, you can ask them to compensate you for your future medical bills as well.

Compensation For Lost Income

This form of benefit provides payment for the period you have been unable to work while resting, as well as the potential loss of earnings. For example, a laborer might will certainly not be able to continue working. If he had been pressured to find another better wage career, he may have been entitled to appeal for the loss of his potential wages.

Compensation For Punitive Injuries

Punitive injury is relatively uncommon in situations involving car crashes. These damages are given where the actions of the driver have been especially reckless. For example, someone driving drunk may be made to pay punitive penalties to prevent more bad conduct.


It is quite common to suffer from car accidents in a busy state like Atlanta. You need to make sure that you get professional treatment from an accident doctor and seek alternate care practices as well. If you are not at fault, it is your right to receive medical compensation and you should get that.