Chapter 4: Under the Oak Tree

Chapter 4: Under the Oak Tree

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Jason’s only disadvantages were being blind and orphaned, which caused many of his classmates to make fun of him, even though he was intelligent, diligent, and ambitious, placing him above everyone else at every theoretical exam.

Jason’s other senses were exceptionally refined, so he could survive in the city he was living in, Artes.

In chapter 4 of Under the Oak Tree Jason was considered a parasite in the age of martial arts and soul bonds because he couldn’t even defend himself against the weakest beast.

Whenever a beast breakout occurs, he has to rely on others for survival.

Credits were the only thing Jason had.

He could not do a lot with credits, so they were almost worthless to him.

As Jason had a cheap and smelly apartment, and no appetite since years ago, his living expenses were marginal.

Probably he could live his entire life without lifting a finger, but that wasn’t what he wanted.

Jason dreamed of seeing something and would work hard to prevent anyone from making fun of him ever again.

Besides finding out who killed his mother, another important thing he wanted was to know who it was.

Jason was not sure what to do with this information, but he wanted to know if this mysterious heir was sorry for killing someone’s loved one, or if he didn’t care at all about poor families.

Jason was reminded once more, while thinking about his mother, that she told him something important before she died.

As she went through a similar situation, she could understand Jason’s situation somehow due to her special eyes.

Jason was told, after testing a few things, that he might be able to see sometime in the future.

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He didn’t have malfunctioning optic nerves; rather there was a blockage preventing the transmission of information and energy from the brain to the eye and in the opposite direction.

His eyeballs were filled with empty marble-like orbs that were normally filled with mana, like they were in his mother’s case.

Jason, however, had no view of anything because he was completely empty.

Jason, who was four years old at the time, asked his mother why he couldn’t see, and she replied there was an empty and lonely marble behind each of his eyes.

To find friends, they had to fill them up with the shining particles that were present everywhere.

Her son saw the flow of mana when she inserted some inside him, explaining that the mana had to gather inside the marbles so they wouldn’t be unhappy anymore.

Jason would see when the marbles were filled with mana.

Jason was determined to collect this mana and make his brothers happy again by putting it inside the “marbles” of his eye.

Jason began to feel the mana around him very early on, and over the years he led it inside the marbles every day for hours.

It hurt a little bit at first, so he controlled it crudely into his eyes. His mother, however, supported him with a lot of vigor.

Jason’s precision improved as he practiced and he no longer needed his mother’s support after the first few times

Almost ten years ago, Jason was diligent and trusted his mother more than anyone else, so he led the mana and filled the marbles in his eyeballs by himself.

Youths around the age of 10 will usually start feeling the flow of mana and begin assembling it to strengthen themselves and improve the rank of their mana core in order to gather more of it.

Every living being possesses a mana core or something similar somewhere on their body, with almost all humans having a mana core at the abdomen.