Claiming From The 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund: Tips To Strengthen Your Claim

Claiming From The 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund: Tips To Strengthen Your Claim

May 17, 2021 Off By Glespynorson

The 9/11 victims compensation claim fund is a compensation fund created to help victims affected by the terrorist attack recoup their damages. More specifically, the fund intends to help victims, and families of victims, pay for all the medical bills, loss in wages, therapy, funeral costs, and other costs that occurred directly from the attack on the Twin Towers.

What’s more, many victims reported severe health conditions that only developed years following the incident, one of which is was soon dubbed as 9/11 cancer. Because it can take years for this cancer to develop, and the impacts can be fatal, the death toll continues to rise, even decades later. With that said, thousands of victims continue to claim from the fund, and if you are among those afflicted by the terrorist attack, these tips will help you strengthen your claim and ensure maximum compensation.

Consult A Specialized Lawyer

When claiming from the compensation fund created for 9/11 victims, you may feel that your traumatizing experience is enough to create a solid case. However, there are countless instances of rejected claims, as with any claiming process, things can go wrong. Instead of risking the possibility that your claim is rejected, you should consult a specialized 9/11 lawyer to help you navigate the process of claiming and ensure your claim is accepted. A lawyer that specializes in this unique area will also know how to maximize your compensation payout.

Compile Medical Evidence

Just as you would need valid evidence when claiming for car accident injuries, you will need to compile medical records that validate your health condition due to the 9/11 terrorist attack. Your medical reports should reflect that you have a severe medical condition resulting from the attack and that you are going for treatment recommended by your healthcare practitioner. A mere diagnosis is often not enough to validate a claim from this fund as treatment further validates your unfortunate condition.

Proof That You Were In The Area

You will need to prove that you were in Lower Manhattan between the 11th of September 2001 and the 30th of May 2002 to validate your claim. Whether you were a part of the cleanup crew, inside the Twin Towers, in a nearby area, or simply passing by during the event, you will need to prove your whereabouts. Your lawyer will help you provide valid evidence of your whereabouts to solidify that your medical condition results from the terrifying attack.

Supporting Documents Of Your Damages

To reach a justifiable claim amount, you will need to prove all your damages that can range from medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, therapy bills, and others. These will be considered supporting documents that solidify your claim amount. Once again, your lawyer will help you compile the claim and recommend additional costs you may have incurred.

The terrorist attack on 9/11 continues to haunt thousands of Americans for several reasons. However, you can rest assured that the victims’ compensation fund was created to outlast all the victims. Therefore, it is never too late to come forth with a claim to recoup your damages from the terrorist attack that traumatized the nation.