Common Cases Handled By Birth Injury Lawyers

Common Cases Handled By Birth Injury Lawyers

March 17, 2020 Off By Glespynorson

The birth of a new baby is one of the most joyous events among parents. Thousands of babies get delivered each day, and some experience birth injuries. These damages commonly result when the baby lacks enough oxygen during labor or when a physician uses inappropriate medical devices.

In such cases, a birth injury attorney can support you in seeking redress. Most people hire the services of a Kentucky medical malpractice lawyer due to their expertise in handling birth injury cases. They also give precise legal information and can help you get compensation to pay for birth injury-related expenses.

Birth injury law firms handle a variety of cases, and below are common ones they litigate.

  1. Erb’s Palsy

Erb’s Palsy is preventable and happens due to neglect by health care professionals during labor and delivery. The size of the unborn baby is a concern for obstetricians, and this is because the baby can get stuck in the birth canal. The doctors should be on the lookout for danger signs before labor and delivery. Some of the things to look out for are;

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  • The mother’s history of delivering big babies
  • Diabetes
  • Gestation of over 40 weeks
  • Mothers excessive weight gain during gestation

If the doctor opts to proceed with vaginal delivery, and the baby’s shoulders get stuck behind the mother’s pelvic bone, it will be too late to perform a c-section. As such, the doctor will have to pull out the rest of the body.

Such an act stretches the brachial plexus and results in bruises and tears, leading to Erb’s Palsy. Although a lawsuit won’t reverse the severe injury, the medical malpractice lawyer will ensure that the parents receive monetary damage compensation to help them cater to medical and hospital bills in the future.

  1. Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy is a type of brain injury that results from a doctor’s negligence during labor and delivery. During this period, the physician in charge of the birthing process must keenly follow the progress of the foetus and ensure that there are no signs of distress.

For instance, if the doctor notices signs of abnormal heart rate, he or she should put measures in place to supply the baby with adequate oxygen. The physician also needs to monitor the position of the baby and take prompt action in case of problems like the baby’s alignment. If the doctor delays in response, and this leads to complications like Cerebral Palsy, you can file a birth injury lawsuit.

Cerebral Palsy can as well result from an overdose of drugs used to accelerate the birth process. The overdose affects the mother’s respiratory system, and this can influence the oxygen supply to the baby. A birth injury attorney can help the parent prove that the doctor committed malpractice during labor and delivery.


Birth injury lawyers have the expertise to handle birth injury cases and can help parents to file a lawsuit. They also follow up the suit and assist the family in getting the right monetary compensation for the damages. However, ensure that you get the best medical malpractice attorney for your situation.