Creta Class: Make Your Kids Learn Maths With Exciting Stories

Creta Class: Make Your Kids Learn Maths With Exciting Stories

June 6, 2023 Off By Glespynorson

Creta Class is now here to help your kids aged 3 to 8 understand and learn Maths in engaging ways. Mathematics is one such subject that is considered a bit difficult by many kids. It is crucial to help kids develop a keen interest in the subject as it can lay a strong foundation for your kid’s future academic success.

Well, you may minimize or eliminate the fear if the best teaching strategies are incorporated to teach different topics, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and conversion. One way to inculcate kids’ interest in learning Maths is through telling a kid’s story based on a topic you wish to teach. You may continue reading the article to know how storytelling can help your kids learn Math precisely and quickly.

The Influence of Storytelling on the Minds of Kids

Learning Mathematics does not have to be daunting and boring. To make the learning process enjoyable and engaging, you may combine the power of storytelling with Mathematical concepts. Stories have the power to captivate our imagination and evoke distinct emotions. It can serve as a great educational tool as it enhances comprehension, critical thinking, problem-solving, and retention. Let us glance at how storytelling can help your kids learn Maths.

Create Context and Relevance

Exciting stories with fascinating characters and interesting storylines can help kids quickly understand a wide range of Maths topics. With storytelling, you may bring fictional characters to life and help your kids understand every topic clearly. You may either create your own story or use different Maths stories available online to teach a complex topic, like multiplication, so easily. You may take characters from the series or programs your kids love to watch as this may gain their attention. Kids may feel curious about what will happen next and have focus & attention.

The plots of the stories involve real-life scenarios where Mathematical concepts are applied, and kids must understand the relevance of a topic in real-life situations.

The approach of storytelling has been used by various e-learning platforms, like Creta Class, to teach Maths topics to your kids in a fun way. The lesson designers have designed unique and captivating stories, covering all the syllabus topics to allow the kids to imagine and understand Maths topics well.

Better Comprehension & Retention

Unlike abstract ideas, stories can help your kids grasp Math concepts, such as numbers and counting. The narrative structure provided by the stories is beneficial for kids to understand and remember topics more effectively. For instance, a folktale about different animals with names going on an adventure of counting may significantly impact kids’ minds and even help them retain the essence of a story.

Creta Class, one of the best platforms, provides Maths classes for kidsĀ in a fun way. The team of educational experts helps them retain the concept for a long time by using amazing teaching methods, like storytelling. They offer customized lesson plans and doubt sessions to ensure kids are learning. You and your kids may get instant feedback and progress reports so that you may know how much progress your kids are making and in what areas they are lacking behind.

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Foster Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills

Stories represent characters with puzzles and distinct challenges that require students to think about different Maths concepts to solve. When your kids are engaged in the story’s problem-solving process, they analyze the situation, try to make connections and apply distinct Maths topics to reach a certain solution. Such exercises and activities promote Mathematical reasoning and critical thinking, enhancing the learning experience.

At Creta Class, lessons convey different stories to kids and later ask them questions to solve. This creative teaching method enables kids to analyze the story and solve questions as per their understanding. The AI method calculates the score of your kids to know how much they have learned.

Active Participation

Active participation of kids is essential to ensure kids understand and learn topics properly. If their focus has deviated, they might lose interest and make excuses not to learn. It can be a bit difficult for you to ensure your kids’ interest is intact. Thus, various platforms, like Creta Class, bring in interesting and engaging Math activities that never let them feel bored.

While listening to a story, kids have their full attention. They are deeply focused on the story and imagine different possibilities, interpret & analyze situations, think and apply different Mathematical topics to arrive at a certain conclusion. With the help of different learning methods, like storytelling, your kids can become active learners and develop a keen interest in the subject.

Creta Class conducts activities that help the kids to be participative, as it is crucial to have in-depth knowledge and understanding of any Maths topic. If kids are active in a class, they are more likely to understand a topic or try to understand its essence. Creta Class has a great experience helping kids learn Math.

Bottom Line!

One of the interesting and easiest ways to teach your kids Math effectively is by conveying a problem-solving kid’s story. Unlike traditional learning methods, innovative ways, like storytelling, are impactful. If you are looking for a reliable and authentic platform to help your kids learn Maths, do not worry.

Creta Class provides Maths classes for kids aged from 3 to 8. The faculty uses amazing learning methods apart from storytelling, such as puzzles, manipulatives, Math talk, games, and whatnot. The expertise of mentors helps your kids develop a deep interest in the subject. You can enroll your kids in the subject through Creta Class and look for yourself how progressively your kid is improving and taking distinct challenges to solve Maths problems accurately. You can visit the website now.