Dealing with a DUI Charge with an Experienced Lawyer

Dealing with a DUI Charge with an Experienced Lawyer

February 22, 2018 Off By Glespynorson

A DUI offense is a serious criminal offense in most parts of the country. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2016 alone, there was approximately 10,500 deaths which resulted from DUI-related accidents. In its campaign, “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over”, NHTSA emphasizes the importance of driving cautiously to save lives and minimize accidents and injuries due to drunk driving.

While it’s unfortunate to get involved in a DUI case, but if that happens, you need to ensure that you’re the best position to winning your case. And the first and most crucial step is calling one of best Houston DUI attorneys.

How a DUI Attorney Can Help Your Case

Much emphasis must be given to the fact that you need a DUI lawyer, and not just any other practitioner to win this case; if not, minimize your penalties.

The DUI attorney you pick should have years of experience in the DUI/DWI practice, and preferably, coming from the state where you were charged with the case. DUI laws vary from one state to another, so a lawyer from the local area is more likely to be well-versed with the DUI laws and processes than a lawyer from another state.

Additionally, a reputable and experienced DUI lawyer can come up with a solid defense. He must be able to question the reliability of the tests as well as gather witnesses who can deliver excellent testimonies to your case.

According to the law, you can get convicted with DUI if your test reveals having more than 0.8 of alcohol content in your bloodstream. However, the lawyer can question the manner of how the test was administered, the demeanor of the police officer before and during the test and whether you were made aware of your rights at the time of arrest.

It might seem challenging to rebut the testimony of a police or traffic enforcer, but a DUI lawyer has the expertise of developing a sound tactic so you can get off the hook entirely; if not, minimize your violation and penalties.

Don’t Drink and Drive

Getting pulled by an officer for a suspected DUI charge is not the worst thing that can happen to you, but a lot of other worse possibilities can occur when you drink and drive. You can hurt yourself, injure others or even cause the death of other individuals. And what if you still insist on driving with family riding in your car?

The bottom line is, drinking and driving is a lethal combination. You may get pulled over by a police officer and run the risk of getting a license suspension and some jail time. That would also mean running havoc with your daily life routine and affect your work too. And if worse comes to worst, drunk driving can result in severe injury or death of another human, in which case, your case can worsen into a felony.

The best solution to staying away from a DUI case is to stay on the safe side, and never drink and drive.