Deanna Deveney Uses Her Law Degree for the Local Community

Deanna Deveney Uses Her Law Degree for the Local Community

July 15, 2022 Off By Glespynorson

People go to law school for a wide variety of reasons, and some lawyers go to law school because they want to help the local community. That is exactly what Deanna Deveney did. She worked hard to excel in her undergraduate career and during her time in law school. She garnered a significant amount of experience as an intern in the Middlesex District Attorney’s office. There, she realized just how much her services could be of use to the local community, and she decided to use her law degree to make a positive impact on those around her.

Analyzing the Needs of Each Individual Community

After she finished law school, Deanna Deveney returned to the Middlesex District Attorney’s office as an Assistant District Attorney working in the Community Partnerships division of the office.. While she was there, she collected information on local crime rates. She realized that each individual community was different, and she tried to allocate resources in accordance with the needs of each individual community. That way, the District Attorney’s office could not only prosecute crimes but also try to prevent them from happening in the first place. This type of dedication to the local community made Deveney a rising star in the legal, nonprofit, and community relations field.

Assisting Domestic Violence Victims with Top Tier Legal Representation

During her time at the District Attorney’s Office Deanna Deveney was selected to oversee the 209A Pro Bono legal services program which connected domestic violence victims with pro bono legal representation for their 209A restraining order cases. The program assisted many individuals who were seeking restraining orders for physical and mental abuse and most times, were at the lowest point in their life. Deanna used her legal skills combined with her ability to understand and sympathize with others to be successful in the implementation of the program. In doing so, she ensured that everyone has access to legal representation and that their rights are protected.

Focusing on the Future of the Local Community

Furthermore, Deanna Deveney has spent a significant amount of time as a communications professional. For example, she has served as the Director of Communications and Governmental Affairs for both Everett and Medford. As a director, she was responsible for coordinating a wide variety of media broadcasts. This includes written media, social media, and digital media. She uses her position to develop strategies for the cities, ensuring that citizens have their voices heard and their needs met. She also worked closely with the local government to drive legislative change that will have a positive impact on the local community.

A Career Defined by Giving Back

Even though there are a lot of paths someone can take in the field of law, Deanna Deveney always knew that she wanted to use her law degree to make a positive impact on the local community. That is why she has focused heavily on community service, making sure that everyone’s voice is heard. This includes people who come from traditionally marginalized or underserved populations. It will be interesting to see how her work will impact those around her moving forward.