Enhancing Value: 7 Makeover Tips for Your Home

Enhancing Value: 7 Makeover Tips for Your Home

April 19, 2021 Off By Glespynorson

Are you thinking of selling your home, but you want to recondition your house before putting it on the market? Read and understand this article to educate yourself on how you can do makeovers to your home.

The money you put in home refurnishing will not always be recouped when you sell it. Most homeowners want to get the best value when remodeling their house. But before you do this, consider this: think about the cost vs. the value, research if the renovation you want to conduct is worth the investment.

When you improve your home, whether or not you want to sell it immediately, it will give you a chance to negotiate a much higher price. The following makeover ideas can help you add value to your house.

Increase Space and Improve Lighting

In real estate, gloomy, constricted rooms are hard to sell. To attract sellers, homeowners can open more space to build more appeal and create a comfortable house. An open floor that brings more natural lighting. You can knock down walls to do this. To create a sense of a much larger entertaining room, you can make an open floor plan.

Another way of improving the home’s space is by adding vaulted ceilings; you can create an illusion that your house has more room. Skylights can also bring in more natural lighting; you can also save up on electricity.

Utilize an Old Space and Create an Office

In 2021, most office workers are forced to work at home to stay safe from the virus. So building an office at home can benefit you as you can focus much better than working in your living room or dining room. If you’re somewhere near the Inner Suburbs or the Hills District, you can opt to hire builders in Sydney to build an office for your home if you don’t want to dirty your hands and do it yourself.

When converting the empty space, ensure that you can move around and work around freely. Also, install your outlets, data ports, and phone lines to the ground.

Consider Building a Deck

When adding a deck to your house, you can recover more than 80% of the costs in sale time. Indeed, adding a deck to your home has many benefits. Before doing this, take your time in planning and use your creativity to think up distinctive features. You can add a bench or a fire pit; you may even use high-quality materials to improve your deck’s longevity.

Importance of Curb and Landscaping

The front of your house will give the first impression to possible buyers; it can be the determining factor for some buyers. Ensuring that your home’s curb is appealing will set the expectations and beliefs a buyer has on the interior of your home.

Make sure that the exterior paint and details of your home are up to par. Homeowners must consistently maintain the lawn space, and the driveway must be appropriately paved and utilized. If you’re always busy, consider adding a drought-tolerant plant that can withstand even the harshest maintenance. Adding plants can tickle the excitement of your buyers.

Finish working on your Basement

Focus all your attention on your basement if you don’t have any space for another room. You can easily remodel the basement into a bar, media room, playroom for your kids, etc. Whichever way you makeover your basement, always add a bathroom to increase your house’s value. Try to make the place more extensive, not cramped and dark.

Upgrading Your Kitchen

Another critical factor when it comes to adding value to your home is focusing on the kitchen. Consider the cost when renovating your kitchen since homeowners can easily get carried away. Think about the cost of the materials versus the value, if you will retrieve the money you’ve spent on refurbishing.

Add or Update Comfort Rooms

Where do homeowners are most comfortable and vulnerable? It’s the bathroom! Restrooms are one of the essential parts of a home. If the toilet in your home is outdated or limited, it can have off your buyers.

Update your home’s fixture and bathroom amenities to increase value. You may also opt to add a bathroom since more than one bathroom in a house will make any buyer interested. Especially in this pandemic, 76% of the real estate agents agree that renovating your home is on the rise.


Opting to remodel your house instead of selling your home is a significant choice. You may even choose to stay in your home after remodeling if it suits your tastes. Consider doing all the seven things mentioned above to increase your home’s value that is fit with your budget.

If you’re satisfied with your home, that doesn’t guarantee that you will also attract potential buyers to your home. To ensure that buyers will also appreciate your home’s remodeling, consider contacting a professional who is aware of a house’s popular fixtures today.