Essential Things To Do After Auto Accident

Essential Things To Do After Auto Accident

October 15, 2019 Off By Glespynorson

There are various car accidents taking place in the country. Many involve damage to the vehicle. But there are some in which personal injury also happens. In such cases, one needs to identify who is at fault. If you have faced an automobile accident, consult an expert such as personal injury lawyers in Kingston. Here you can get help on the right actions to be taken post auto accident.

The following are some points which you must execute:

1.Asses the injuries and the damage-

You must first find out how much damage and injury has happened. Check if your vehicle is in between the road. You need to park it in the proper spot. But this is only possible if you can move it. Mark the accident area using positioning the triangles. Have a flashlight in case it is dark. It is to keep you safe while you are waiting in the car. This can also prevent further accidents.

2.Call for help

Immediate treatment is required for those who are having severe injuries. Call 911 for help. You can get first aid treatment and also taken to the hospital

. Document everything that happened after the accident. Also, mention the injuries.

3.Inform police

It is good to call the police for preparing a police report. This is required while filing a claim. You can get the claim for all the damages from your insurance company.

4.Share the accurate facts

While sharing information to the investigating officer, tell proper facts. Tell the police where you are not sure what exactly happened. Also, check that the statements made by others involved in the accident are not misleading.

5.Take pictures of damaged vehicle and injuries

If you find damages in the vehicle click the pictures of them. The same way takes pictures of injuries that are visible. This way you can have evidence with you.

6.Get all the information

In case the police do not gather the information, it is your duty to get all the details. This includes insurance-related information, the number of passengers involved along with their name, number, and address. Personal injury lawyers in Kingstonsuggest you take the information of witnesses if any. It helps during the time of the hearing. Also, get the license details of the driver.

7.Notify about the accident to the insurance company

If you are reporting immediately, there are high chances of getting full compensation. Also, find out what medical benefits you can avail.

8.Maintain a file

Keep all accident-related documents in a proper file which includes names and phone numbers of all contacts, expenses incurred due to accident, claim number and such.

9.Consult a personal injury lawyer

Get legal advice after an accident to protect your rights. Also, you can get inputs on getting the best medical treatments from a lawyer.