Factors Influencing Settlements In Worker’s Compensation Cases

Factors Influencing Settlements In Worker’s Compensation Cases

September 1, 2020 Off By Glespynorson

If you have been hurt at work, then you might be wondering how you were going to be able to make ends meet if you are unable to return to your job quickly. One option is to file a worker’s compensation claim. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you were going to be awarded a substantial settlement. Working with a workers compensation attorney Salem Oregon can be helpful. If you are looking to maximize your worker’s compensation benefits, then you need to know about some of the factors that are going to influence the size of your claim. What are a few of the top points to keep in mind?

The Severity Of The Injury

One of the most important factors that is going to influence the size of the settlement to the severity of the injury. Some injuries are going to lead to bigger benefits than others. Remember that a worker’s compensation claim is supposed to help individuals make ends meet in the event that they are hurt and unable to work. This means that the bigger the medical bills, the bigger the settlement. As a result, brain injuries that lead to permanent complications are going to lead to larger settlements and injuries that have relatively short recovery times with a positive prognosis. It is important to present this injury in a severe light to maximize the potential claim benefit.

The Nature Of The Job

Another factor that is going to play a major role is the nature of the job. Those who are working jobs that have higher salaries when they get hurt are likely to receive higher worker’s compensation settlements. On the other hand, those who work a job that generally has lower pay will end up with relatively small settlements. While this might sound unfair, workers’ compensation is also designed to help someone replace his or her pay as the recovery process unfolds.

The Quality Of The Legal Team

Finally, the quality of the legal team is also going to play a role in the size of any potential settlement. Those who work with an experienced lawyer who specializes in worker’s compensation are likely to end up with a larger settlement. This is why everyone who is looking to file a worker’s compensation claim should make an effort to hire an experienced legal professional to help them. Nobody has to go through this process alone.