Family Law Solicitors When You Need Them

Family Law Solicitors When You Need Them

November 26, 2019 Off By Glespynorson

Not all families get along; it is completely normal to have fights and misunderstandings. However, sometimes, those fights and misunderstandings can no longer be reconciled in peaceful and civil manners, that is why some couples choose to separate. Not only that, but there are certain situations where violence may already be involved, so it is no longer healthy for couples to stay together. When this happens, it could already be brought to court, and people of legal power could already fight for those who are disadvantaged. Family law solicitors are important people to approach if ever you find yourself in any of these situations. During these times, it is important that you have a proper support system in place and an expert legal team to help and give you the best way to proceed in dealing with the court proceedings.

Divorce And Separation

If you are planning to get divorced or separated from your spouse, a family law solicitor would be able to give you his or her expert legal advice regarding what your rights are during such a situation. Your solicitor would be able to help ease the overwhelming feelings you might go through. Getting a solicitor especially if you are not in good terms with your soon to be ex is better because you would have someone doing agreement negotiations for you instead of just ending up in a shout fest of disagreements from your spouse.

Domestic Violence

Your family law solicitor would be able to protect you from your spouse or any of your family members, especially if you are experiencing any form of domestic violence from them. More importantly, this also holds true for the protection of your children so that none of them would have to endure and experience such a traumatising incident. If this is something that is happening to you or any of your family members, you have the right to take the matter to court. Any form of domestic violence, no matter how small, is truly unacceptable and you could easily put an end to it with the help of a family law solicitor.

Financial Claims

If you have already been divorced or separated from your spouse, but you have custody of your children, he or she is legally bonded to give financial support not only to you but more importantly to your children. If under such circumstances, your ex-spouse fails to give the financial support ruled by the court to your family, you have every right to demand financial claims from him or her. The easiest way to do this it through your family law solicitor. Such circumstances could already be brought to court proceedings so that you would be able to be given the proper financial support deemed for you and your children.


If you want to draw up a pre-nuptial agreement prior to getting married, you get seek the help of our family law solicitor so that you would be able to each get a fair trade on the agreement. If you feel that you are being brought to a disadvantage, you could have your solicitor to negotiate with the other party to give you a more even playing field. Not only that but if you do not want to get married and just move in and live in with your partner, you could also draw up cohabitation agreements so that neither of any of the parties would be disadvantaged should the couple decide to break things off. This is an important thing to consider for people who just opt to live together and not get married because it would serve as a protection for both parties. Marriage is legally binding, so there are certain laws and rules governing it with regards to properties, rights, and so much more. However, it would be a different story if you are just living in together with your loved one. You would not be entitled to certain rights, especially if a separation occurs.