First Time Dog Owner? Stay Away from These 3 Challenging Breeds

First Time Dog Owner? Stay Away from These 3 Challenging Breeds

April 21, 2021 Off By Glespynorson

There are no bad dogs. Just bad training. Or, so they say anyway.

The thing is, there are some dogs that have certain characteristics that make them a challenge. It could be from them being hyperactive, or even downright aggressive. It depends on what the breed was trained for. And it can take a lot of years to breed those characteristics out of the dog.

If you are a new or first-time dog owner, then some of the breeds are going to prove too much for you to handle. You could face a damaged house as a result of your inability to properly handle the dog, or you could be dealing with somebody’s personal injury lawyer like Benson & Bingham from Nevada if they bite somebody.

In this article, we will go over some of those challenging breeds to stay away from as a new dog owner.

Airedale Terrier

Though this breed is not dangerous in the sense that it tends to act aggressively toward people it knows or doesn’t know. It is, however, a breed that challenges you in other ways. If you decide to go for this breed, then be prepared to butt heads on a daily basis as they act in a way that is very defiant to authority.

These dogs march to their own beat and do what they want. As such, they are very hard to train. They require an owner that has a lot of energy and patience as well as always in control. If you are not always ready for battle then you will find your furniture damaged and your yard dug up constantly.

It is very difficult to manage this dog when you have kids to deal with. And their high-intensity energy can often make them a danger to little ones as they may end up playing too roughly with them.


These dogs are poster children for overbreeding and the problems that result from it. Though they have a very friendly and easy-going nature, they come with a host of health problems that will make them a challenge.

They almost always end up with breathing problems so they can be lethargic at times when they are not getting enough oxygen. If you need to go on a long walk, then best to leave the pup at home as they will have trouble keeping up as they’ll end up out of breath.

Heat can be a problem so if you live in a hot part of the world then it is best to avoid this breed.


Though it’s an unfair stereotype, these breeds seem to be dangerous. The reality is that with the right owner they can be very gentle and food natured. However, this means that you’d need to be an experienced dog owner so you know how to control them.

Owners who aren’t able to maintain control can find themselves frustrated with how these dogs can push boundaries. And this can lead to dangerous territory.