Five Qualities of an Accomplished Attorney

Five Qualities of an Accomplished Attorney

November 13, 2020 Off By Glespynorson

Law is one of the most complex professional fields and requires a wide range of innate and cultivated skills. Not everyone who graduates from law school has the talent to become a good attorney. There are certain qualities without which it’s impossible to progress and have a satisfying career.

Besides a profound passion for the job, a capacity for sustained intellectual effort, perseverance and in-depth knowledge of the law, an accomplished attorney must also have the following qualities:

1.      Analytical Intelligence

The practice of law requires an outstanding ability to absorb and analyze a massive amount of information to extract the most important bits. No one can become an accomplished attorney without good analytical skills. In addition, attorneys receive information from multiple sources and must be able to distil it to reach logical, coherent conclusions. Analytical intelligence is also immensely helpful in conducting research and preparing legal strategies.

2.      Leadership

An attorney unable to act as a strong leader has little chance to reach the highest echelons of his profession. In law firms, attorneys who demonstrate an ability to manage people and respond efficiently to the needs of a team get promoted to decision-making levels of responsibility and thus have a greater influence in their field. Because of their great leadership potential, many attorneys become successful politicians. Relevant examples are former US senator Hillary Clinton and London’s current mayor Sadiq Khan.

3.      Foresight

Foresight is the ability to make correct intuitive predictions. Such a quality can have a wide range of ramifications in law.  An attorney with foresight can use this gift to plan strategic goals for his law firm or to bring innovations to the field. An example is James Goodnow, managing partner at a large US firm who became known to the general public for implementing tech and Internet marketing tools in his law practice.


4.      Excellent Communication

Attorneys need great communication skills to thrive in this profession. They need to communicate well with clients, with the other parties involved in a case, with their colleagues and with other members of the court. Attorneys who are great communicators can attract and retain clients easily. Whether they’re having to engage in private conservations or speak in official legal settings, they can project efficiency, confidence and willingness to listen.

5.      Decisiveness

Attorneys often have to make firm decisions. Although their decisions should be based on accurate information they’ve absorbed in advance, they must show good judgement and not let themselves sabotaged by doubt. If an attorney doesn’t trust his decisions, he cannot earn the trust of his clients or partners. For example, an attorney should be able to decide quickly whether a legal claim is worth pursuing or whether there’s still room for negotiation in a settlement.

Law is an attractive career path for many. However, to become an accomplished attorney, one must be able to successfully navigate the intricacies of the law and the complexities of human nature. While this profession demands some innate qualities, all the skills that ensure an attorney’s success can be enhanced through education, hard work and experience.