Haley Zelenka Shares Tips for Choosing a Family Lawyer

Haley Zelenka Shares Tips for Choosing a Family Lawyer

September 26, 2022 Off By Glespynorson

Finding the right family lawyer can be stressful, whether it’s for adoption, divorce, child custody, or any other family matter. The right lawyer can make a real difference to your case’s outcome and how you come out of the emotional process. According to Haley Zelenka, a practicing attorney in Gulfport, a good family lawyer should have a good track record, be professional, quick, empathetic, and understanding.

Haley devotes most of her free time performing pro bono work in the family law sector and has also represented an adoption agency. She says most families facing marriage breakups don’t have experience in legal matters and have no clue what to expect, which makes it difficult to find the right person. She shares a few tips families can use to find the right family lawyer.

Conduct Some Research

Whether you have used a family lawyer before or not, it’s critical to conduct some research to know what to expect. According to Haley Zelenka, every case is different, as they all have different details. She recommends reading about other similar cases and how they were determined to know the direction yours will take so you know how to prepare. This allows you to create essential questions you will ask your lawyer before hiring him or her. You can also research some of the best family lawyers in your area to avoid wasting time. Read reviews and check ratings to come up with a list of contacts.

Choose an Attorney You’re Comfortable Working With

Haley Zelenka asserts that the right family lawyer is as important as the outcome. For this reason, she suggests only agreeing to work with a lawyer you’re comfortable with. Your lawyer will be your partner throughout the case, and you may need to confide in sensitive information or things you may not be comfortable telling someone else. You will be speaking to him or her almost daily to know the progress and get explanations for every step in your case. Your family lawyer should be interested in your case from the first meeting. He or she will make you feel comfortable to talk to and not judge you. You can know a lawyer is attentive to what you’re saying if he or she asks follow-up questions or seek clarifications.

Interview Your Prospective Lawyer With Your Needs in Mind

Ask the questions you noted when conducting your research to measure the lawyer’s understanding of your case. These questions will also tell whether your lawyer seems interested in your case or not. Since most lawyers offer free consultations, you can maximize this opportunity to review all your case details. You can meet several lawyers and choose one based on how they respond to your questions and how comfortable you feel.

Seek Advice But Make Your Own Decision

Since every case is different, there’s no guarantee that it will have a similar outcome as those you have heard or read about. Therefore, the best way to measure the outcome of your case is to consult several lawyers, or others who have gone through the process,


and seek advice. The best family lawyers will likely give the same view. Don’t make promises; simply ask questions and let the lawyer know you will contact them when ready. This way, you can use your time to meet other lawyers and seek clarification on what to do before making your own decision.