Here Are Some Tips On Getting A Divorce Quickly

Here Are Some Tips On Getting A Divorce Quickly

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The process of getting a quick divorce can be sped up by filing a no-fault, uncontested divorce with an agreement that has been reviewed by an attorney. You can save money on legal fees by getting a quick divorce, as well as save yourself a lot of stress.

It is normal to be worried about legal costs, the length of the divorce process, and whether a divorce is the right move. Unfortunately, not all divorces are stressful, expensive, or last for a long time.

If you and your spouse maintain a friendly relationship after your separation, it may be easier to get a divorce because you won’t have to go through a trial. When a couple divorces amicably or somewhat amicably, it tends to be a quick divorce.

You Can Get Divorced Quickly

There is no need to wait years or even months for the divorce process to be completed. If you and your spouse can agree on issues such as custody, visitation, spousal support, and property division, your divorce will be able to be finalized quickly.

Divorces that are uncontested take the least amount of time and are the easiest to complete. You and your spouse have already agreed on all of the major divorce issues, so this is a relatively 3 day divorce.

The No-Fault Divorce and the Fault-Based Divorce

Most states offer some type of no-fault divorce, but some, like Louisiana, require a year or longer of legal separation before anyone is eligible for one. If you are getting a no-fault divorce, you will not need to go through a legal separation since there is no need to prove grounds for divorce, such asg adultery, cruelty, or abandonment. It is impossible for spouses to blame one another for the dissolution of the marriage in divorces without fault.

You and your spouse can achieve a no-fault divorce by publicly declaring that you have irreconcilable differences, or that you are incompatible, under oath. In no-fault divorces, you can state clearly in your divorce papers that you prefer no-fault divorces.

Is an Attorney Necessary for a Quick Divorce?

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A good idea is to have your marital settlement agreement reviewed by an attorney if you’re filing an uncontested divorce to ensure it’s fair to you.

A lawyer should also review the agreement with your spouse. If you and your spouse do not live together, you will have to hire separate attorneys. You’re better off finding another divorce lawyer if you know that a certain lawyer takes a long time to review documents.

Consider these steps for a quick divorce:

  • If you want to file in a state with a shorter waiting period or “cooling off” period than your own
  • A shorter residency establishing period than in your home state when filing in another state
  • When your state requires separation for a year or more, filing in another state may be the best choice.
  • Preparing the final divorce papers with the assistance of an attorney
  • Attending mediation to reach a mutually acceptable agreement with your spouse
  • If you have a collaborative divorce instead of a court divorce, you will be able to resolve issues without going to court

Nevada is a popular choice for people looking to divorce because residency requirements are so short, the time required is measured in weeks instead of years. Several states, including New York, require residents to have lived there for one or two years.

When it used to be that you filed for divorce, you had to pay a lot in legal fees and your case would take a long time to be heard in court. In states with a short residency period, such as New Jersey, you can get a quick divorce by submitting a no-fault, uncontested divorce agreement reviewed by an attorney. It is beneficial to have a quick divorce since it saves money on legal fees and reduces the stress involved.