Here’s Why Empathy Matters in a Family Lawyer

Here’s Why Empathy Matters in a Family Lawyer

November 13, 2023 Off By Glespynorson

Divorce proceedings on the Hollywood big screen are very different than in real life. In movies and television, divorce is often a hard-fought battle between two warring parties, determined to take what they can from the other and crush their spirit.

True, it’s hardly uncommon for disagreements to arise between divorced people. However, it doesn’t need to be a full-blown war. Some marriages end badly, and rancour can arise. But nobody benefits from a prolonged legal feud.

Let’s check out why empathy matters in a family lawyer to better understand how they can help you get your post-divorce life off on the right foot.

Kids Need Stability and Support

Two divorced people split from each other, not from their children. Whatever anger or bitterness they feel towards each other shouldn’t interfere with their new responsibility to be effective co-parents.

Firms that emphasize collaboration, like the professional family lawyers at Tailor Law, work towards what’s best for their client and their families, two intricately connected things. Kids need structure, stability, and support in their lives, and collaboration during the divorce proceedings helps work towards these goals right when needed.

Collaborative lawyers can help keep you on track by advocating for your property, financial, and custody rights in a way that fully aligns with your child’s best interests.

Collaboration Speeds Things Up

Working your way through a divorce can feel like being suspended in time. You’re no longer with your old partner. However, starting your life anew before issues like financial settlement, custody, and housing are settled is extremely challenging.

Starting the divorce proceeding collaboratively signals to the other side that they have a reasonable, mature partner in negotiations. Genuine goodwill is crucial to establish from the start. Sure, both sides may feel some sadness or anger, which is only natural in a divorce.

Hopefully, they can tap into some of the respect, if not love, that was there in the first place and made these two people initially want to spend their lives together. Just because they’ve changed their minds on that question doesn’t mean they can’t recognize that it’s mutually beneficial to wrap up the settlement quickly before things go to court.

The Process is Emotional

Working with a legal professional who stresses collaboration and empathy will help ease your stress in what could otherwise become a thorny, aggravating process. They are familiar with how you’re feeling because they’ve dealt with it over the years, and they know how to make you feel better quickly.

Pursuing the holistic goal of what’s best for you and your family lowers the temperature before it can get overheated. No family lawyer could ease everything you’re feeling — there’ll be a certain amount of residual sadness, anger, or regret. But shepherding you safely across the other side will be a major relief and can mitigate these and other emotions.

The drama of divorce can be excellent when depicted in art in TV shows or movies. To keep it out of your life, hire an empathetic family lawyer.