Horrible Bucks Party Ideas

Horrible Bucks Party Ideas

November 20, 2023 Off By Glespynorson

When planning a bucks party at gentlemens club there are a couple of things that can go horrible wrong. Some may seem hilarious at first but they may be a friendship-breaking disaster. We’ve compiled a list of essential things to help you keep things on the right course.

Observe the nudity

Consider a humorous fancy dress theme that doesn’t require much creativity if you’re going on a bucks do overseas, but be sure to research local customs beforehand. Before deciding on the sublime to ridiculous, make sure you’ve done your homework on the area because it’s not a good idea to offend and disrespect the locals. You’ll avoid possible humiliation, a large fine, or even spending the night in jail.

Stay away from his eyebrows at all.

The future wife of your friend will not appreciate that you cut his hair, especially his eyebrows. Wedding celebrations are known for their abundance of photo opps, but there’s a chance you could upset the entire bridal party or worse, not receive an invitation. Avert the risk! While you may want to enjoy yourself with the guys but, you also don’t want to worry or annoy the bride.

Be sober enough to board the aircraft.

Passing the time in an airport with some beer might be fun at the time, but not if you risk being barred from boarding because you are drunk. Especially if it’s the buck, keep an eye on the group to make sure no loose cannons are trying to get too wild before boarding! Being left behind might be funny but if you want an incredible buck party, you want to get the buck to his wedding sober.

Don’t be disrespectful to staff

You will never succeed by treating hotel employees badly and annoyingly. Unbelievably, they have probably witnessed a lot of buck and hen parties in the past (particularly in locations like Magalluf), and they have the authority to eject you if you start acting inappropriately or disrespectfully. To avoid paying twice when you have to change hotels, it’s actually probably best to have them on hand in case you need them for any last-minute surprises with your buck party!

Do not use permanent markers.

What NOT TO DO For Your Bucks Party | Bucks Night & Party Ideas

Making sketches of your groom’s face is another traditional buck joke. But it could be disastrous if no one knows how to get rid of the maker. Go with a non-permanent pen instead. You could even just ignore this suggestion completely.

While it may seem that mischief and debauchery are part of the experience at buck parties, keep in mind that you may need to observe cultural differences if you’re traveling to a foreign nation. Keep it tidy whenever you can and think about the repercussions—all while you have fun, of course!

Recently, in Italy, nine men were charged with “causing public alarm” following a buck party in northern Italy where they staged a prank kidnapping of the groom by posing as terrorists.

The men, who looked to be in their twenties, showed up at their friend’s house in Trofarello, a small town outside of Turin, armed with pellet guns, balaclavas, and black helmets. They gagged their friend and put him in the back of a van before driving off.

However, this stunt did not quite go as planned. After receiving numerous calls from concerned neighbors, police quickly arrived in the town, where the men were allegedly posing as Isis terrorists. So, instead of ending up being part of a bucks party opt for a gentlemens club near you.

There were witnesses and they all thought the scene they were watching was a kidnapping. So when the police came and investigated they really took it as a kidnapping. To locate the Kidnappers they put checkpoints over the entire region.

The groom was found in the back of the kidnapper’s van and he did not know that this was just a bucks party scheme. The men were caught and charged with inciting panic and their fake weapons were seized. This is a lesson learned well, one that none of the blokes will be quick to forget.