How Common Are Bike Thefts And What To Do About It

How Common Are Bike Thefts And What To Do About It

September 27, 2018 Off By Glespynorson

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Prevent accidental damage

Avoid parking your bike in cramped places, such as various passages or stairways, and places where there is a general lack of space, such as parking for cars or bus stops, as you may be uncomfortable if your bike suffers any damage or scratches.

Quality, not quantity

If you do not lock your bike somewhere far away from the city center or on a certain axis, which is not recommended at all, you do not need the entire arsenal of locks, chains, cables and other security fabrications. Namely, by the way you provide your bike, you leave a subtle message to others around you, so a bicycle crowded with all kinds of insurance gives the impression that it will remain there for a long time without supervision, and it is about time that is the greatest ally of thieves.

One high-quality U-lock and cables for additional wheel insurance will be enough, provided you can lock it properly.

Wheel on the wheel

It seems at first glance that it takes a lot of time, especially if you are in a hurry, but it would be ideal to remove the front wheel and lay it to the rear, locking it together for some secure object. Sometimes someone does not need a whole bicycle, but it’s just that the one wheel is missing, and that’s exactly what your bike is doing.

Usually the rule is to remove the front wheel, because it is much easier to download, in just a few moves if you have a quick release, while the latter is a bit more complicated due to the drive. However, the rear wheel is much more valuable. On better bikes there is a drive worth the average new bike, so it can also be used for sale in parts. In any case, you will never see it again; therefore, instead of money, you’d rather sacrifice a few seconds more.

But last night he was here …

Theft is easiest to perform under the auspices of night. Never leave a bike out in the night, overnight, because the only thing you could find next to your bike could be your paddock. Or what’s left of him. While we are sleeping, someone is always awake and looking for such sites, but today are no longer safe or locked in entering the buildings or basements. If you have a more expensive bike and excess seats in the apartment, let your bike sleep with you. Balconies are also not a good option. If you return to the bike a few days later, you probably will not find it again.
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