How To File A Claim After A Car Accident?

How To File A Claim After A Car Accident?

April 1, 2020 Off By Glespynorson

Car insurance regulations now made it mandatory for all vehicles to contact their insurance provider shortly after an automobile crash happens. A petition for auto insurance is a request for cash compensation to an insurance provider regarding the actual damage to the car involved in the crash.

The laws and regulations related to the insurance claim procedure differ by state, insurance provider, insurance policies and injury severity.

Do you know the correct measures to follow to make a claim if you fall into an incident while on the way? If not, we have outlined some crucial facts to help you feel comfortable regarding the phase of claims

What to do immediate after the accident?

Immediate contact with the Insurance Company

Along with the insurance package, most insurance providers have a 24 hour helpline number issued. Because it’s mandatory to have a copy of your auto insurance policy in your vehicle, you can get the number of the helpline easily without spending any time. You will be requested by the insurance provider authority to provide any necessary details regarding the incident by email or fax that is needed to lodge a claim.

Get Medical Assistance

You should seek medical attention before making a claim. For your argument it is necessary to obtain urgent medical assistance. If a doctor checks you up late, the insurance provider can use that against you. They can say you’re not really that injured if you’ve taken time to get medical care.

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Inform the police about the accident to obtain a FIR.

Call police to file a report of an automotive crash. This is therefore necessary to file a written account of an incident. During the car accident claim phase the insurance provider can request a copy of this report.

Document the accident

Document the crash clearly by taking photos from various perspectives of the vehicle and demonstrating the harm caused to both vehicles. Often, taking photos of the other car’s license plate may be a smart idea. During the appeals process, you may be allowed to exchange pictures with your insurer to better support the argument.

Talk to the witnesses

If there were some witnesses during the crash, always write their names and contact information.

Documentation required while making a claim:

Unless the document is well recorded, you will not get entertained. You will present the proof to your insurance provider to receive cover. Here is the list of documents you need to deliver when making an insurance claim for your car:

  • Registration Certificate of the vehicle.
  • Copy of the driving license of the owner
  • FIR report
  • Claim form duly signed
  • Copy of the insurance policy
  • Detailed estimate of the repair and maintenance
  • Medical receipts
  • Original record of other incurred expenses

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Know the right to receive optimum value for your vehicle:

  • The calculation from the insurance adjuster is a guideline on what they think the car is worth. Choose an independent estimate to yourself from a professional mechanic.
  • You can choose which repair shop you wish to use. You don’t need to use a shop in the Direct Repair System at your insurance provider
  • You’re not expected to sign the insurer’s estimate agreement. You should get yourself at least one estimate before deciding on a fee.
  • You don’t need to repair your vehicle with generic parts; you can opt to use parts from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Though, if your strategy is focused on using generic parts you may have to pay the price difference.
  • You will argue the case with the adjuster about the cost of repair. Provide figures to back up your claims along with any information of repairs or improvements to your car.

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