How to Find the Best Family Immigration Lawyer to Navigate the Naturalization Process?

How to Find the Best Family Immigration Lawyer to Navigate the Naturalization Process?

May 26, 2021 Off By Glespynorson

The US government allows immigrants to help their families immigrate into the country and accompany them. They can receive a family-based immigration visa and live in the US permanently. An immigration lawyer can be of great help if you’re bringing your family members into the United States of America.

If you’re looking for legal help, you should know where to find the best service. In this article, learn how to find the right lawyers to work with to help navigate the naturalization process.

Do You Need to Hire an Immigration Attorney?

The USCIS or United States Citizenship and Immigration Services do not make it mandatory to work with a lawyer. You can do everything on your own, from petitioning the application to finalizing the process. But the USCIS also requires that you perform every activity accurately.

The INA section 221 (g) says that a consular officer can reject your petition if they do not have the adequate information to process it. So your family immigration petition will be dismissed.

An immigration lawyer can use his expertise to help you prepare your application to get rejected.

So if you don’t have experience filing a family-based immigration petition or lack the necessary time, then it’s best to work with a lawyer.

With probably dozens of attorneys operating in your area, how do you select the right one to work with? There are a few ways to find it out.

Look at the Expertise

Perhaps the most important thing you need to look at is the expertise of the lawyer. There are many areas in law, and lawyers specialize in one specific area. Personal injury lawyers hold expertise in handling accident claims, slip-and-fall lawsuits, etc.

Similarly, immigration lawyers specialize in handling immigration cases. They are adept at preparing applications that are in line with the requirements and guidelines.

Expertise becomes even more critical when you have a complex case. Complicated cases are the ones that involve any of the following:

  • Prior arrests and convictions either in the US or any other country
  • Prior deportations
  • Problems in your marriage like cheating and abuse
  • Failure to pay taxes
  • Failing to pay court-ordered alimony
  • Failing to support dependents

If you are involved in any of the above, look for the best immigration lawyers to file your application and handle the process.

To check expertise, you can go through the website and especially the “About Us” section. Most law firms would have information regarding their area of practice. You should also inspect lawyers’ profiles, if available.


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The next important thing to consider is the location. You practically can’t work with a lawyer that’s located outside your state or country — even if he or she is the best in the business.

You need to ensure that the immigration lawyer is located near you, preferably within the city you reside in. If you’re petitioning for your family members from Tucson, Arizona, the lawyers should preferably be in Tucson too.

But if you need a lawyer for just a one-off task like filing the application on your behalf or reviewing it, then location shouldn’t be a barrier.

Read the Reviews and Ratings

Online reviews are a great way to evaluate the quality and reputation of lawyers. People who have worked with a lawyer in the past could have left a review. It could be on their website (which becomes a testimonial, then), on Forums, on a blog, or other portals.

Google is the best place to find reviews. Head over to Google, search for that lawyer or law firm, and you’ll see reviews and ratings on the right-hand side information panel. You can also read reviews on local search engines like Yelp.

By going through the reviews, you’ll have a good idea of how reputed the lawyer is.

Cost and Billing

Unlike in personal injury cases, immigration lawyers do not work on a contingency fee basis. This means they do not seek remuneration after your petition is approved. You’d have to pay upfront.

Lawyers will have fees of their own. For the naturalization process, the average fee is from $500-$1,500. Other procedures like Family-based green card petitions can cost between $1,500 and $3,000. A few lawyers may also charge you an hourly fee.

Whatever it might be, you need to learn about the cost and billing structure. The most expensive lawyer does not mean the best. So, find a balance between cost and expertise.

In conclusion, you should hire a lawyer who:

  • Is an expert in the immigration area
  • Is located within your city of residence
  • Has good reviews and ratings
  • Charges reasonable fees

For more information, you can contact the USCIS offices and seek guidance. Otherwise, hire an immigration lawyer to help move and settle your family members into the United States.