How to Hire a Slip and Fall Lawyer to Represent You?

How to Hire a Slip and Fall Lawyer to Represent You?

May 5, 2021 Off By Glespynorson

Slips and falls can occur almost anywhere. You might slip on a thin layer of ice on the stairs into the building. Or you may slip on a wet floor in the middle of the store. Regardless of where it happens, the fall can result in anything from bruises to broken bones. The next question is: now what? The answer should be to consult with an attorney. Here’s how you can hire a slip and fall lawyer to advise you.

Research Potential Contenders

Research all of the personal injury attorneys in your area. Create a list of possible contenders based on ratings and reviews. Then narrow it down by removing attorneys from the list that do not have experience in slip and fall cases. A good slip and fall lawyer knows how to prove the property owner’s liability in a case and presents evidence that helps their client win their case. Narrow the list down to a few, qualified candidates.

Consult with the Attorney

Consult with the attorney either in person, over the phone or via a video conference. Give them the details of your case. Some will decline the case because they think the award won’t be worth their time or don’t think that you can win. Others may not take it because they’re overloaded.

You also need to consider your rapport with the attorney. Ask questions. What would the likely outcome of my case be? What do you need me to do? How long will it take? Then pay attention to the answers. Do you get a sales pitch or answers to the questions you’ve asked? Do you feel comfortable talking to them? Do they have the heart of a teacher, or are they arrogant and aloof? If you don’t feel like your case matters to them, go somewhere else. Take the time to ask who would be taking your case, because it isn’t uncommon for the head of the law firm to meet with you before handing the case off to a subordinate. Take notes, so that you can call with additional questions or compare the results of each interview. Ask the attorney what percentage of their cases are won and ask how many cases like yours they have handled.

Compare the Attorneys

There are several factors you should use to determine which attorney should take your case. Those that decline your case are obviously going to be struck off the list. Those who don’t have experience with cases like yours should move to the bottom of the list. Those who regularly win cases like yours should move to the top of the list. Once you’ve identified the available experts, you can start ranking them based on your level of rapport with them. You can add points for or against a given attorney such as high fees or being slow to get back to their clients. You can re-read reviews of the attorney to determine whether your impressions are accurate. If there are issues, strike them off the list.

At the end, you should have several options. Who would you prefer to work with out of your top three contenders? Once you’ve made your decision, call them to let them know you’d like them to take the case.