Is There A Difference Between Bail Bond Services?

Is There A Difference Between Bail Bond Services?

January 10, 2020 Off By Glespynorson

The bail bonds industry is quite competitive, which gets obvious if you’ve ever researched the costs of posting a bond because most of the companies servicing an area have very competitive rates. So what makes their services different from one another? It seems like something as simple and necessary as a bond would be pretty much the same wherever you go, but that’s not actually the case. Some providers with larger operations are able to offer additional services or professional efficiency that you just can’t find in a smaller operation with less resources. Others are set up to work with different court systems, because the state and federal courts have different requirements for bond providers.

Benefits To Look For

Instead of shopping by an operation’s size or whether it’s a franchise, a good way to look for a bond provider is by looking at what they offer for the money. For example, do they take a full 24 hours to process or can they work with you to get a release done in a few hours? There’s only so much anyone can do to speed up the bureaucracy in the criminal justice system, but if you’re not working with someone who does everything they can, your time is being wasted.

Bail Bond Services

Another thing to look for in Lancaster County bail bonds would be the terms of the forfeiture should a court date be missed. Those terms and penalties can differ from one provider to the next, and since taking out a bond involves a risk, it’s worthwhile to weigh the consequences of something going wrong from each company. Lastly, how responsive is the provider? If you call in the middle of the night, are you going to get service immediately or first thing in the morning? In jurisdictions with night court arraignments, this can make a huge difference.

Make The Call

In the end, it’s your decision who you work with. Make the call after you see what the deal is, but make it quickly, because the whole point of picking a good provider is to get efficient service.