Key Factors To Consider in Your Search for Defense Counsel

Key Factors To Consider in Your Search for Defense Counsel

May 26, 2023 Off By Glespynorson

Whether you need to defend your business against a lawsuit or someone has made a claim against you individually, it is crucial that you get knowledgeable, qualified counsel. Beginning your search for someone to represent you can seem a little daunting because you will probably find a lot of different lawyers who might fit the bill. Consider which qualifications and attributes you should be looking for to find the best counsel in your area.

Professional Responsibility

All lawyers need some working knowledge about regulations pertaining to professional ethics and conduct. In fact, the majority of states’ boards of bar overseers condition admission to the bar on passing an examination testing their comprehension of ethics principles. Some states’ require attorneys to participate in continuing education programs that center on professional responsibility.

The lawyer who you hire should have a proven track record of steadfast compliance with codified ethics standards. a lawyer who has previously received professional honors and distinctions is likely to have exemplary professional ethics. For example, refer to Robert McKenna attorney honors and awards. His distinctions reflect recognition and respect from the legal community.

In contrast, active complaints against a lawyer or previous disciplinary action on behalf of a board of overseers should be cause for concern. Never hire counsel that does not have good standing with a state bar.

Practice Area

Because establishing a relationship with a defense attorney entails putting a lot of trust into that person’s expertise and professional ethics, people sometimes opt to enlist the help of someone who they already know well such as a close friend or family member. However, it is important to be aware that this is not a good option unless that person has extensive experience in the area of the law that you need assistance with.

If an attorney lacks direct experience successfully defending clients in similar matters, it is unlikely that he or she would have adequate knowledge of applicable procedural rules, evidentiary defense strategies, and proven trial advocacy tactics. Be sure to retain counsel whose practice includes a strong focus on defense litigation.

Online Presence

If you are beginning your search for counsel online, you should definitely make it a point to evaluate the caliber of firms’ websites discerningly. In particular, consider poorly designed sites or problems with functionality to be a major red flag. Web design and maintenance are fundamental to lawyers’ digital marketing activities. If firms cannot manage a site attentively, it might be an indication that they have even greater managerial problems afflicting their practice.

The best firms’ websites describe their practice areas in detail and provide substantive information about attorneys’ experience and qualifications. Look for informative content in a website that could shed light on partners and associates’ expertise.

Fee Structures

The counsel that you ought to use a straightforward, understandable billing structure. Some firms may require a retainer, but this amount does not necessarily represent the full total that you will have to pay for their services. Make sure that you understand how much attorneys bill clients for each hour of work as well as any additional administrative fees.

Keep in mind that you may not be billed the same rate for each hour of work that a firm devotes to your case. Partners and associates might have different billing tiers. Also, paralegals may contribute to the preparation of motions or other materials. In addition, when a case involves a significant volume of evidentiary information, it is common for firms to subcontract some of that work to a document review service provider.

When you meet with counsel, discuss fee structures in detail. Make it a point to ascertain exactly how much of your defense a lawyer will be handling themselves and how much support they will be receiving from other members of their team or third-party service providers.

Confidence about your choice of counsel can make a big difference in how well you are able to contend with a difficult situation. Ultimately, working with outstanding counsel is going to significantly improve your odds of a favorable outcome.