Legit Careers: Nine Most Rewarding Law Enforcement Jobs

Legit Careers: Nine Most Rewarding Law Enforcement Jobs

November 25, 2020 Off By Glespynorson

Lives and properties are always vulnerable to attacks, whether it be a personal or national interest matter.

While coping with unexpected situations, there are different kinds of law enforcement agencies. Their main task is to prevent crimes and other unknown problems that directly threaten the public. They respond very effectively and detect the root causes behind the crimes. Information and technology play a significant role in detecting crimes. Your local and state police are part of the law enforcement agencies. Jurisdiction wise their duties are different, but they can help each other by sharing sensitive information. If you are interested in serving the public and safeguarding their safety, law enforcement jobs will suit your style.

Victim Advocate

Crimes can traumatize the victims, and they need time to recover from it. Victim advocates help their clients to recover faster from misery. It is not easy to recuperate from an assault, domestic abuse, violent crimes, psychological abuse, and other forms of violence. The role of a victim advocate is Intermediary between victims and the criminal justice system. Their focus areas are hospitals, jails, and non-profit organizations; they look for people who need justice.

Such roles are only for candidates with specialized education and knowledge. Thus individuals aiming to enter this profession now pursue an online pre law degree to pave their way seamlessly into the industry. Having extensive awareness is the profession’s ultimate need as the nature of cases rarely matches with one another.

Federal Marshal

Federal marshals serve in executive positions; they deal with arrest warrants, transport prisoners, and protect their court officers during trials. They work with other law enforcement branches to apprehend suspects during emergencies. Still, their main task belongs to courts, prisons, and jails. A bachelors’ degree in criminal justice is a must-have for this job; successful candidates also go through a physical and psychological test along with a written test. Many states look for candidates who have more than two years of experience. After clearing all levels, their background gets checked for security purposes. The executive branch holds a training session for the finalists to prepare them for working in an impulsive position mentally.

Correctional Officer

Correctional officers are responsible for the supervision of inmates in a detention facility. They carefully observe the activities of inmates and hold them accountable for any unlawful act. They ensure that the inmates are getting good care and treatment; they safeguard their rights inside the facility. Safe delivery of packages inside the detention facilities is also their job; they check all the parcels for drugs, weapons, and illegal items. You can apply for this job if you have a high school degree; however, candidates with a criminal justice degree are more feasible for this position. Certification programs are mandatory as a proof of serving in jails and correctional facilities. Individuals who have good communication skills, patience, alertness, stamina, and decisiveness get appreciated in this field.

Probation fficer

A probation officer’s core focus is to help offenders fulfill their probation; they use different monitoring techniques to make them better citizens. They can handle multiple cases at one time and oversee the rehabilitation plans of probationers. It is a stressful job that requires patience and self-determination; probation officers are good at the anticipation of their reactions and minimize possible conflict.  Probationers often need medical treatment, drug and alcohol tests, and other follow-ups. A probation officer oversees all these tasks to prepare the probationer for a post-release makeover.

Private Investigator

While solving high-profile cases, private investigators play a pivotal role; they gather evidence, apprehend primary suspects, and do a background check.  They also handle missing person’s case and assist in locating them. They need a license from the government to work undercover. To become a certified private investigator, you need a certification from ASIS International.

Border Patrol Agent

The border patrol agents stay fully equipped to detect and track suspected smugglers and illegal border crossers. The agents have to stay alert all the time; sensor alarms and electronic surveillance help them track any unusual items. Border traffic observation is also their duty. They have a handsome salary package for agents who have a bachelor’s degree; individuals without a college degree are also eligible for this post.

Coast Guard Officers

Coast guard officers are responsible for marine population safety; they also carry out search and rescue missions. Through Officer Candidate Schools, the best officers get recruited. These students study subjects like law enforcement, leadership, and related military topics. They make sure to safeguard the administration of territorial waters.

Cia Agent Jobs

CIA agents deal with cases and people related to national security. These agents get high-level training; their physical, mental, and psychological endurance gets tested to an extreme level before sending them into the field. They have the authority to work within the country and outside the country. Information collections and distribution is the practical way of carrying out an operation. A bachelor’s degree is a must-have to become a CIA agent. Bilingual individuals are a clear choice, but they, too, go through a series of tests and exams before getting the job.

Atf Special Agents

It is one of the most challenging career options in the law enforcement sector. ATF special agents keep a strict check on law and order; they investigate cases related to firearms, explosives, alcohol, arson, and other serious crimes. They work as a team to identify the main culprit behind all the illegal businesses. Mental strength is the backbone of this job; the unusual and unexpected happenings at the crime scene can put personnel into trauma. Three years of criminal investigative experience is a requirement for this position. Like other law enforcement careers, physical fitness, written exams, and psychological trials are part of the recruitment process.

Final Word

Law enforcement agencies work selflessly to keep the residents of their area safe.  They are responsible for protecting the property of their citizens by ensuring the implementation of laws. They perform a background check, conduct interviews, and testify in courts to smooth the investigation process. During natural disasters, they work on the front line. If you like community service, then applying for a law enforcement job can give you a chance to serve your people. They are always ready to face unusual situations; in detention facilities, law enforcement officers help the probationers be responsible citizens. Law enforcement careers offer an appealing salary package and other benefits for their employees, making it a win-win opportunity.