Lucrative Professional Roles For Business Majors In 2021

Lucrative Professional Roles For Business Majors In 2021

February 17, 2021 Off By Glespynorson

If you aspire to enjoy financial stability and a rewarding career, a business degree can open numerous doors. A business degree will equip you with the skills, knowledge, and expertise to run a profitable and successful business. You can use this profile to start your enterprise or carve out a career in a prestigious organization.

Business graduates work in multiple industries, including retail and fashion, energy and oil, real estate, finance, and even healthcare. Business graduates evolve into strategic experts, efficient managers, trainers, and corporate specialists who guide enterprises towards profitability.

As a business graduate, the world is your oyster, and you can work in any given industry that appeals to you. If you’re fascinated by healthcare, you can explore non-medical careers with administrative and financial opportunities.

You can work in the fashion industry and contribute to art and glamour without working as a fashion designer or model. You can help fashion houses grow and expand or carve out a rewarding career with an advertising firm. Keep reading to explore career opportunities for business graduates in 2021.


A business degree empowers you with the skills and expertise needed to embark on a successful and profitable venture. Do you want to start a fine dining restaurant or a cute little pub that celebrates music and beer? Or perhaps, you want to build a high-end store that sells home décor, luxury toiletries, and scented candles?

Business education will help you strategize effectively and identify opportunities after rigorous forecasting and research-driven analysis. It’s wise to pursue an MBA before venturing into business. Once you begin exploring the benefits of an MBA degree, there is no way to stop yourself from pursuing it. The degree will equip you with advanced skills, such as supply chain management, vendor relationships, advertising, financial forecasting, and more.

Entrepreneurism is a leading career path with small businesses and startups popping up in every industry. In 2021, entrepreneurs have access to advanced tools and facilitating, tech-driven ecosystems to overcome challenges and enjoy lucrative opportunities.

Human Resource Manager

There is a rising demand for human resource managers and specialists as businesses struggle to adapt to the new telework models. In 2021, the telework transition will continue, and companies seek experts to facilitate this transition. As they decide to continue with the remote working models, employers need experts to ensure efficient project management.

The demand for skilled and experienced human resource managers is rising to devise employee acquisition and retention strategies. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the traditional workspace got dismantled, creating chaos and uncertainty. Businesses seek HR specialists who can manage, motivate and monitor remote working teams effectively.

Assistant Store Manager

With an average annual salary of $48,000, assistant store managers enjoy rewarding careers with growth opportunities. It’s a junior position offering stability to young business graduates looking to climb the corporate ladder in retail and fashion.

Aspirants can work with renowned stores, such as Bloomingdale’s and Target, and build a credible retail experience. An assistant store manager is responsible for creating and improving employee work schedules and managing customer relations. They manage teams and provide training and guidance to recruits. Store managers also monitor and examine inventory and address shortages by ordering new inventory.

Bank Relationship Manager

A lucrative career path for those who aspire to work in the finance sector, banking relationship managers, enjoy financial stability. They earn over $39,000 annually, and their job involves interaction with different people, bankers, and clients.

Relationship managers help banks and financial organizations manage their relationships with clients, potential clients, and associates. They are responsible for providing clients with comprehensive information regarding the bank’s products and services. They also offer consultation to help clients make the right financial choices by examining their needs and requirements.

They primarily engage with retail customers and strategize to develop processes for client communication and conflict resolution. They also supervise and monitor bank employees to improve client communication and services. This career path requires financial savviness and practical communication skills.

Digital Marketer

One of the most promising career paths of 2021, marketers enjoy thriving careers and rewarding creative expressions. Today, marketers can work in in-house departments, with marketing firms, or even as freelance professionals. The rise of the online freelance marketplace and affiliate marketing mediums has empowered marketers considerably.

Business graduates with a marketing concentration can help firms develop brand identities and discover strategies to connect with their audiences. They can also set up their publishing platforms and promote products to build a sustainable income as an affiliate marketer.

Opportunities are abundant for professionals who can employ digitized marketing strategies, tools, and resources. Professionals can work with a single business or market their services for search engine optimization (SEO) or social media marketing.

Accounting Assistant

Business graduates with a specialization in accounting can enter the corporate realm as accounting assistants. An entry-level position comes with an average annual salary of $40,000. Accounting assistants are responsible for performing routine bookkeeping tasks, balancing financial statements, and performing audits.

They aid businesses in ensuring compliance with financial regulations and taxation requirements. They conduct forecasts to examine the feasibility of new products, expansion sites, and other core business decisions. They also keep track of liabilities and debts alongside assets and investments to maintain liquidity and drive profitability.


There are numerous opportunities that aspirants can enjoy after completing a business degree. However, higher education and advanced training are crucial to excel in any given career path. In 2021, employers seek highly specialized and industry-relevant skills.

Students and aspiring professionals can advance in their careers by pursuing tech-savviness and digital competence. Technology is rapidly penetrating and innovating all professions; therefore, tech-savvy training is instrumental in exploring lucrative career opportunities.

The key is to identify your calling, map out a strategy, and then fulfill your academic and professional advancement goals.