Maximizing Compensation- How A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

Maximizing Compensation- How A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

June 3, 2020 Off By Glespynorson

Getting injured in any kind of accident is unfortunate; whether it happens on the road, at your workplace, or while you get medical treatment. The good thing, however, is that you have the legal right to pursue compensation if the accident is the result of someone else’s negligence. What’s more, you can even claim on behalf of a loved one who has been seriously injured or dead in the accident. Simple as it sounds; personal injury law is complex and getting a compensation claim is challenging. In fact, it is not something that you should even try doing on your own because there’s a lot to deal with. Rather, hiring a seasoned personal injury lawyer is your best bet because they can secure a fair settlement for you. The truth is that they can actually help you maximize your compensation. Here are some reasons why having one on board makes sense.

Reason #1: They Know The Tactics Of Insurance Companies

For insurance companies, dealing with accident victims seeking compensation is like routine work. They do it every other day and will have every trick in the book to intimidate you or coerce you to give up or settle for an unfair deal. For example, you can expect them to blame you for the accident or convince you that you don’t have enough evidence to prove the impact of your injury in court. They will even try to manipulate you to accept a settlement amount much less than what you deserve. That’s the way they work because ultimately, they want to save their money. Having a lawyer handling your case puts you in a better position because they know all the tactics of insurance companies. The experienced ones would have dealt with them over the years and will know how to deal with your case as well. Even if you pay their legal fees, you will end up covering it and getting much more compensation for your injuries and damages.

Reason #2: They Can Calculate The Value Of Pain And Suffer Accurately

When it comes to maximizing your compensation claim, everything boils down to calculating the value of damages. The elements such as your medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, property damage, and lost wages can be easily accounted for because they have a tangible monetary value. But that is not all you suffer from in an accident- there is much pain, suffering, and emotional trauma you go through as well. The calculation gets complex when it comes to finding the value of pain and suffering sustained in the accident. This is something that you cannot expect to do on your own or trust the insurance company to do it for you. An experienced lawyer can easily help you work out the cash value of pain and suffering, which means that you will have an accurate settlement value to negotiate with the insurance company. There will be no ambiguity and you will have more confidence in your case as well.

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Reason #3: They Are Capable Of Assessing The Long-Term Impact Of Injuries

The future is uncertain, particularly when it comes to accident-related injuries. When you settle an injury or workers’ compensation claim without an attorney, you may end up overlooking the future ramifications of your injury. In fact, this is exactly what the insurance company would want you to do. But imagine if you need to see a chiropractor periodically for years to get pain relief for your whiplash injury. Or a workplace injury reduces your earning potential because you cannot take up a specific job again. You will probably miss what an experienced lawyer will be able to see in your case. These professionals work closely with your medical team to understand the implications of your injury and recovery in the future. Surely, this value of these long-term treatments or loss of income add up to your claim value and enable you to get the maximum amount.

Reason #4: They Can Identify The Guilty Party And Prove Liability For Negligence

In complex personal injury cases, culpability goes much beyond blaming the other driver. Consider the instance of a driver running a red light and hitting your vehicle. You and the passengers may be injured by the liability for the accident may be on the driver or multiple parties. If he was texting or driving under influence, he holds the responsibility for the mishap. If the traffic light at the signal was not working properly, the government may be responsible. And if the accident happened due to brake failure, the auto manufacturer or maintenance mechanic also gets involved. Since accident cases involving partial liability can be complex, hiring an expert makes sense. You can check to find more about the expertise and services these lawyers offer. Good ones often go the extra mile to prove liability, even if they have to involve investigators, medical experts, and accident recreation specialists to prove the facts.

Reason #5: They Can Negotiate For Fair Settlement

Getting back to the insurance companies, there are two options for victims to get compensation for them. The first and the more common one is negotiation but it is easier said than done. Once you file a claim and the insurance company works out their version of its value, they would want to negotiate for closing the claim. Their first tactic would be to give you a lowball offer and tempt you with the option of a speedy and hassle-free settlement for the claim. Even if you want to bargain, there isn’t much hope of reaching the value you expect to get as a full compensation for your injuries. Obviously, you don’t really stand a chance to get much above their offer because you will have to deal with a strong team of professionals. However, with a seasoned personal injury lawyer handling the negotiations, you have good chances of getting the maximum value in settlement. They know how to bargain and exceed the compensation as much as possible.

Reason #6: They Can Fight For You In The Court

Apart from settlement by negotiation, the other option is that of a lawsuit. This is something that applies when there is a deadlock between you and the insurance company and the case does not seem to work out. Trials are complex and time consuming and there are a lot of legalities involved. You need to present evidence and witnesses to validate facts related to the negligence and liability of the other party. Moreover, the defendant too will have legal representation to defend them in the court. Obviously, you cannot expect to win the trial unless there is an expert to present your side of the story. Having a seasoned lawyer gives you a lot of confidence that they will fight it out to the end and secure you the rightful amount in compensation. Additionally, someone who is good enough can get you a favorable verdict sooner rather than later. Timing is crucial in personal injury cases because compensation can get your life back on track after the accident.

Reason #7: They Know The State Laws Well Enough

It is significant to understand that there isn’t a set of universal rules across the country’s legal system. Whether it is about laws governing these cases or rules for damage calculations, every state follows a different approach. You may want to research your situation and the state laws yourself but this is best left to experts. Legal technicalities can be very complex and even a small detail missed out can cost you thousands of dollars. Even if you are tempted to handle the case yourself to save the legal fees, this is the last thing you should do. After all, you cannot risk your settlement value by not having an attorney involved. These professionals would know the state-specific personal injury law, the relevant statutes and the legal precedents related to auto accidents, workers’ compensation, slip and fall and all other types of personal injury cases. Further, they would also have good connections amongst local investigators, medical experts and other professionals who may be needed to testify for your case.

Fight For Your Rights With The Help Of An Expert!

If you are injured in a mishap due to someone else’s negligence, you must not give up on your rights. Rather, you should join hands with an expert who can help you take a stand no matter how powerful the insurance company is. Although giving your case to a seasoned attorney means that you will have to make some expense for their legal fees, not doing so could have you giving up on thousands of dollars that are rightfully yours. Your first step after the accident, therefore, should be to consult an experienced attorney who can get you a verdict in your favor, that too within a minimal span of time. Surveys indicate that people who have experts representing their personal injury claims have better chances of getting fair settlement as compared to those who don’t do it.