Municipal and Subdivision Claims Handled by A Pennsylvania Law Firm

Municipal and Subdivision Claims Handled by A Pennsylvania Law Firm

July 31, 2023 Off By Glespynorson

Attorneys from municipal law firms frequently represent counties, cities, municipalities, villages, and agencies in a wide variety of legal disputes. They are typically the firm on retainer for a city or county, and they represent the municipality in many types of cases, no matter the branch of county government that is involved in the court case.

Your neighborhood law office has successfully handled issues involving tax assessment, property and casualty damages, police and sheriff liability, zoning litigation, and all varieties of municipality claims throughout the years. They have become the point firm for the city or county because they have been the counsel appointed or hired during litigation, and they usually have built a rapport with the municipality administration.

Additionally, we have defended towns against charges of pay theft and employment discrimination. We often defend governments and educational organizations against negligence claims, such as allegations of negligent supervision and claims of defects in highway and road design.


The lawyers at your city law business are knowledgeable about the specific legal theories and procedures that pertain to municipal authorities and subdivisions due to their years of expertise.

Elected officials, mayors who are elected city and municipal counselors, township supervisors, town boards, state and local civil servants, sheriff’s departments, town police officers, zoning officers, boards of education, educational administrators, and teachers are just a few examples of our clients.

Civil Rights Cases

Municipal lawyers must carefully examine any claims made invoking a federal or state constitutional right. Governmental activities frequently give rise to complaints about how police and fire personnel are safeguarding the public. Lawyers with Caldwell & Kearns Attorneys at Law have represented the health and welfare of the general public on many occasions and will continue to serve the well-being of the community at large.

This can be a reason for a firm to be held on retainer to represent a municipality, although it typically is more property and zoning representation than any criminal or civil liability.

The number of lawsuits filed in opposition to municipal officials upholding local, state, and federal laws is also on the rise. All of these allegations create a variety of problems and arguments that are frequently specific to each case and draw on strong municipal origins.

Municipal legal companies have dealt with complaints of excessive force, wrongful arrests, improperly withholding medical care, seizing property without permission, and applying the law unevenly. The Americans with Disabilities Act ( or ADA, and Rehabilitation Act have also been dealt with by the agency.


Educator Claims

Legal monitoring of the educational system is still very intense. In both trial and appellate courts, these companies have successfully represented schools across the whole state of Pennsylvania. It is important that a school district has legal representation in the event of a lawsuit or federal mandate being handed down to the district.

The services that schools offer are always being tested. A competent municipal law company has handled claims resulting from all areas of a child’s school day, including mishaps that occur on field trips and accidents in the classroom or during gym class.

These claims are frequently founded on problems with planning, supervision, teaching, or unexpected events that occur throughout the day and cause damage. Frequently, the municipal board of education is not accountable even if someone experienced unexpected harm.

As part of our work in this area, we look into how and why accidents happen as well as any potential liability on the part of the school district and its officials. A municipal legal company is able to assess and represent school boards, school administrators, and teachers since there are many possible defenses and because the firm has experience in the area.

Land Use and Zoning

In Pennsylvania, the usage of municipal land is heavily influenced by the local government.

Zoning officer decisions of a municipality or city board frequently have an influence on civic property owners. The affected party frequently complains about unfair treatment, property theft, or restrictions on how their property should be used. Unfortunately, courts are often involved in these cases.

Municipal law companies have dealt with allegations that municipal authorities were applying the law incorrectly, applying the law inconsistently, or both. An examination of the individual facts of each case is necessary in these situations.

The knowledgeable team has dealt with land usage issues at the municipal, state, and federal levels. These issues are often brought about via a legal process known as the “Article 78″ case, which aims to compel a governmental official. Click here for more on Article 78 hearings.

Any seasoned company has handled a lot of these matters with outcomes that safeguard the community’s municipal organizations’ legal rights. Claims have been made in order to enforce zoning or use restrictions, compel an authority to provide a construction permit or respond to zoning board decisions.

It is sometimes necessary to provide evidence in these cases to show that an official failed to improperly consider local or state regulations.