Perfect Jobs for People Who Love to Focus and Organize

Perfect Jobs for People Who Love to Focus and Organize

June 18, 2021 Off By Glespynorson

If you have a knack for being focused, detailed, and organized, you are already ahead of most people. Experts say that our digital world has truly messed with our ability to concentrate, which is why those who love being focused and paying attention to detail need to savor these traits and find careers that will help them thrive and improve these skills even more. If you are someone who loves to focus and be organized, here are some careers that might be suitable for you.

Court Reporters

Court reporters are responsible for accurately capturing the words of everyone during a deposition or court proceeding. They must be able to provide verbatim transcripts of these proceedings and must remain impartial at all times. There’s a reason they are called the “guardians of the record” — they must be able to accurately document every word being said in a proceeding no matter what happens or no matter what distractions may come. Starting your journey as a court reporter is fairly straightforward. You need to take a course from a technical school or a community college, get a certification or a professional license in some states, and apply for work at a company that offers court reporting services.

Event Planner

If you enjoy mulling over the details of upcoming events like parties or corporate gatherings, event planning might be for you. Being an event planner requires being time-sensitive, so if you are someone who thrives in getting people to move or being in high-pressure situations, being the head or supervisor of large-scale events might help you find success in your profession. This task also often requires keeping track of minute details, such as guest lists, costs, accommodation, decor, invitations, schedules, and others. So if the idea of organizing these things gives you life, then consider starting your own small events planning company, especially since the world is opening up again and in-person events are once again on the table.

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Professional Home Organizer

Not everyone enjoys cleaning up or finding creative ways to store personal items. Even homeowners don’t automatically become the best cleaners or organizers just because they have their own house now. Consider the company The Home Edit, owned by professional organizers Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin. They have made a fortune and found some level of fame for organizing the homes of famous people, including Khloe Kardashian and Reese Witherspoon. So if you have a knack for organizing clothes and other belongings, consider making a career out of it. Being organized goes hand in hand with good interior design, so consider partnering with an interior designer to start a small home organization company.


Being a good writer is to be able to present your thoughts in systematic ways. Distraction is also the bane of every writer’s existence. So if you are someone who doesn’t get distracted easily, then you might find some success as a writer. The kind of education you need will depend on the writing you want to do, so you can start by deciding on a specific professional path. Do you want to be a fiction writer, or are you more of a poet? How about being a web writer or someone who works for a marketing team? Think of the writing you want to do, regardless of what industry it’s in. It will give you an idea of what type of education you need to pursue. Build up your portfolio, join internships, consider earning a master’s degree, keep writing, keep reading, and keep submitting. Don’t give up until an entity says they will hire you or that they will publish your work.

Project Manager

There are project managers in every type of organization, whether a business, non-profit, or government institution. Project managers are mandated to ensure that their institutions’ ongoing projects are running as smoothly as possible. They are charged with creating tasks and delegating them depending on a team’s efficiency and progress. Project managers need to be extremely organized, and they need to build a culture of trust in their team.

Programmer Or Software Developer

Being a programmer is all about being able to understand the language of computers, and language learning is all about being able to focus and concentrate, too. If you can see yourself spending hours in front of a computer writing code, you might find success in this career.

People who excel at focusing, details, and organizing are few and far between. If you have these traits, consider finding a career path that requires them. Trust your skills and let them guide you to professional success