Popular Family Lawyers In Australia

Popular Family Lawyers In Australia

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The popular family lawyers in Australia are noted below. The brief descriptions about their services are also given below:

John R Quinn

The team is founded since 1986 which is a group of accredited specialists intensively practising in the family law. The utmost professionalism and prudence is the main attraction of the team. The tailor-made resolutions for the individual cases are given by the trained domestic lawyers in Australia firm. The lawyers are always careful to give up-to-date information about the progress of the case. The effective legal assistance of the lawyers always gives the desired results to the clients. The main areas of the legal matters of the family law which the team handle are   divorce, settlements of property, issue of children and maintenance of spouses. The high profile clients and the normal persons are also given equal importance by the consultants.

This is also a feature of the company which makes them attractive than the other kinship barristers in Australia. The representation of the case in the court is done with great responsibility and care. The lawyers practicing in the firm are Barry Beilby, Marion Morrison Boyd, John R Quinn and James Barkell. Another attraction of the firm which is different from the other ménage counsels in Australia is that the consultation through telephone in the initial stage is free by which the clients can convey the facts and issues to the lawyers. If the client and the lawyer are okay with proceeding of the case the appointment can be fixed in a convenient time for both.

The lawyers also prefer the out of the court settlements like consent orders which prevent the high cost litigation proceedings. The trained lawyers can also help the client for divorce even if they are not separated for the past twelve months. The finalising of the property settlements can be done even before the divorce obtaining. The delay between the filing and hearing of the divorce usually extends to two months. However, the proper up dating by the lawyers make the clients not loosened up.

Australia family lawyers

Simplifying the legal issues involved in the case is main attraction of the team. The services by the trained lawyers in the firm are noted below:

  1. Consent orders
  2. Children relocation
  3. Child custody
  4. Maintenance of spouses
  5. Legal Separation
  6. Domestic violence
  7. Settlements of property
  8. Relationships of de facto nature
  9. Mediation and negotiations

The familial lawyers in Australia team always prefer for out of the court settlements like mediation and negotiations. But, the court intervention is also properly handled by the lawyers. The team realizes that there is no cookie-cutter attitude to any problem in the family law. The team understands the issues in each case and different steps are taken for different cases.


The teams also understand that the clients approaching the office may not be familiar with the court proceedings but no hassle is created by the teams. In this way the team has become the leading lawyers in Australia when it comes to family law.