The Brexit And Pi From Road Traffic Accident

The Brexit And Pi From Road Traffic Accident

July 24, 2019 Off By Glespynorson

BREXIT and PI are acronyms for British exit and personal injury respectively. Following the referendum(a vote where nearly everyone of eligible age can take part) held on June 2016, of which on March 2019 they finally decided to leave, this decision of how the UK will leave the EU have created some major changes and uncertainties on the UK’S law(included in it is the personal injury claims) and business sectors, with the BREXIT issue at hand the EU directives; legal acts and laws which every state which is a member of the EU must uphold and turn into a nationally accepted law, this has created a bypass of the UK parliament and ameliorated the need of the UK government making new laws anytime a new legal acts is enacted. There are CPD online courses out there to develop your legal knowledge.

Road Traffic Accident

There are some of the personal injury claim from road traffic accident that might be affected as a result of BREXIT;

  • Suffering an injury or accident abroad: the EHIC scheme has always acted as a safety net for many Brits who are traveling abroad, as this helps to prevent an exorbitant medical fees in cases of an emergency or accident while been away form the UK. This act provides Brits travelling out for a temporary visit to places in the Europe the rights to access healthcare regardless of their travelling insurance policy.the sixth directives EU scheme also protect UK citizen with a valid passport who may be a victim. If an accident caused by an uninsured driver to a UK resident while away, claims can be made via MIB (motor insurance bureau). This provision is tentative and depends on Post-Gazette BREXIT effect and new UK government policy and laws. In terms of the EHIC card  a deal was reached in Brussels to allow British pensioners who are abroad to use their EHIC card when they make a visit to some EU nation.
  • The protection protection provided between personal injury claim made by the sixth directives of the EU( the motor insurance directives) includes
  • Compulsory availability of insurance of any civil liability
  • The cancellation of the check s made on green card for vehicles in member states
  • The establishment of solid guarantee in cases of unidentified and in insured drivers
  • The provisions of a direct right action against the insurer
  • The provision and establishments of a settlement which is to be done in the home country of the insured victim from a raid traffic accident
  • The provision and establishments of information centres pertaining to the insurer
  • A UK citizen involve in an accident in another EU state may make a claim via a claim representative if claimant is not settled, he may sue the foreign insurer to a court in the place where he is domiciled as stated in the Brussels regulations recast
  • Motorists and insurers benefit from the requirements that all motor policy covers liability incurred in the EU, citizen in the UK do not need to obtain separate requirements as these also covers them

These are some of the effect of BREXIT on personal injury claim of road traffic accident implications and laws.