The Need And Vital Importance Of Keeping An Updated Will

The Need And Vital Importance Of Keeping An Updated Will

March 4, 2019 Off By Glespynorson

Life is unpredictable, and it is never known what can happen in the future. However, having a plan is always a good idea so that at least preparation is taken as per that plan. The demise of a person is undoubtedly unfortunate. Death of a person in the family can cause grief and pain, but along with that, there are legal affairs which have to be settled following the demise. As an individual, it is a sensible idea to have a well-drafted will which is legally valid for settling several aspects after one’s death.

A brief delineation of will

The will is a legal document that is made by a person for delineating his/her wishes. Most people have this misconception that will is to be made only for giving directions for distributing assets after the death of a person. However, the function of a will is not just asset distribution after the passing away of a person. There are many people who make a will to ensure proper handling of their wealth. Hence there are many functions which are carried out by a legally valid will.

The validation of a will

Without getting the will document legally verified and attested by competent authority the will won’t be of any value. It is also important to know that the will has to be signed in specific places by the person who is making the will. Therefore the absence of signatures or legal attestation or both will invalidate the will. Taking the aid of professional personnel from wills and estates Perth is a sensible decision because then the person who is making the will can be sure that the document is drafted by adhering to all legal protocols.

However, having a valid will is not enough until and unless there is an executor for carrying out the wishes of the person as per his/her will. The executor can be defined the person who is responsible for carrying out the directions given in the will after the demise of a person. The individual who is making the will has to appoint the executor and should ensure the executor agrees to carry out the task.  In some cases, the executor and also be the beneficiary.

The important aspects included in a will

Firstly there is no doubt about the fact that the assets of a person will be included in his/her will. However, along with that Will states decisions regarding funeral rites. Medical decisions about life support services are also included in the will. A known person can be appointed for taking the medical decisions on behalf of the person. It is important to appoint a responsible person who will take decisions on behalf of a person when he/she becomes incapacitated or is not in a state to take decisions due to physical injury, so such directions are given in the will.

Hence, in a way will be described as a comprehensive document that includes the decisions of the will-maker regarding multiple aspects from medical care to property distribution.