Things To Know About DUI When Visiting A Military Base

Things To Know About DUI When Visiting A Military Base

January 27, 2023 Off By Glespynorson

Undoubtedly, most people love consuming alcohol and do a lot of irrational things under the influence. One such thing they do is Drive under the influence or DUI which can lead to arrest and probation. A person may also face trials if he has had any offense while driving and gets blocked from doing a lot of activities. 

However, obtaining a DUI is possible on a military base with the help of a DUI lawyer doesn’t matter if a person is a civilian or not. There are significant numbers of military bases, and getting a DUI on one of them occurs very often. In this article, we shall discuss DUI when visiting an army base, so continue reading to learn more. 

DUI When On Base

Any civilian driving through the base will fall under federal jurisdiction when a person is on a base. This applies to all military bases regardless of the state a person is in. Therefore, if a civilian commits DUI on a military base, it will be considered a federal offense. Federal offenses fall under the Code of Federal Regulation, and because of this, local courts cannot handle the case. 

Many military bases have zero tolerance toward civilians who drive under the influence. Military officers have the same authority as that civilian police officers to stop the vehicles if there is a case, perform sobriety tests and arrest the drivers if suspected to be drunk. The accused can seek help from legal experts like a DUI lawyer.

Local Court

Civil offenses do not fall under the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice). Instead, these civilian offenses are taken to the United States Attorney for filing within the Federal Court. Therefore, the incident will be even if the case is not necessarily filed in the local court. The driver will then have ten days to request a court hearing. 

A person must file a request for an administrative hearing within the required time period. If they fail to request within the necessary time frame, an automatic license suspension will come into effect. Civilians who have been convicted of DUI while visiting a military base will be qualified for the same rights and protections in Federal Court as that in the local court. 

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Consequence Of DUI In Military Base

A civilian convicted of DUI in a military base in Federal Court will face various consequences. These consequences include huge fines, suspended licenses for up to 1 year, or even prison time. Moreover, the consequences will increase in case of subsequent conviction of DUI, which results in severe fatalities and injuries. 

Aftermath Of The Consequences

If someone obtains a DUI while on a military base as a Civilian, they should contact their lawyers immediately. DUI lawyers have years of experience dealing with DUI cases. It will improve the convict’s chances of a favorable outcome. Additionally, these lawyers can help you get the best possible solutions for specific situations.

Wrapping Up

Now you know that DUI in a military base should be avoided; otherwise, you might get in trouble. So avoid drunk driving or driving onto the military base while you are drunk. Also, try to remain as sober as possible to prevent any misfortune anywhere, regardless of being a civilian.