Three Careers That Work Closely With Rockstars

Three Careers That Work Closely With Rockstars

October 1, 2020 Off By Glespynorson

While many rockstars want you to think they’re driven by a devil-may-care attitude, the truth is that this is a job — they’re entertainers. And like any other job, it’s obviously not a party behind the scenes — a lot of hard work and know-how goes into making the music industry run smoothly.

1. Legal Teams

Making record deals and booking venues require a lot more than a handshake — with all the copyrights and liabilities involved, a good legal team is a must. For example, John Branca has helped ensure musicians get the proper royalties for work they may have missed out on otherwise. It’s important to have an Entertainment and Corporate Lawyer so bands aren’t taken advantage of.

2. Gear Techs

One of the earliest signs of career success for musicians is when they don’t have to set up their own gear anymore. These techs often specialize in a specific instrument: For example, a drum tech is responsible for tuning the drums, keeping them in good working order and standing by to quickly replace parts if something goes awry mid-performance. Since these techs become intimately familiar with the artists’ most important tools, they often become very good friends with the musicians they work for.

3. Songwriters

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Ah, the music industry’s biggest secret: Many recording artists don’t write their own songs. Many of the world’s best songwriters aren’t comfortable performing in front of hundreds of people. On the other hand, many people make much better performers than writers. So if somebody has one of those skills and not necessarily the other, they can still enjoy a fruitful career in the music industry.

Somebody could be the world’s best musician, but without the proper team backing them, they might never make it further than open mic night. The music industry holds a lot of exciting careers for people who want to be involved without being on stage.