Top 3 Most Common Mistakes When Filling Your Worker’s Compensation Claim

Top 3 Most Common Mistakes When Filling Your Worker’s Compensation Claim

April 6, 2023 Off By Glespynorson

When you are injured at work, there are crucial steps that you should take to ensure you get compensated for the injuries. However, most workers make mistakes that deny their claims, meaning financial loss. If you stay in Portland and work there, you must learn what is required when filing your compensation claim and what to expect. You should note that mistakes make the process more stressful, and you tend to use more money. As a worker, it’s advisable to contact a Portland workers’ compensation Lawyer who will guide you and represent you in court. They will also educate you on the common mistakes people make and ways to avoid them. This article will explore common mistakes when filling your worker’s compensation claim.

1. Failing to Report Your Injury

After getting injured, most workers fail to report it until it’s too late. It’s crucial to note that the whole process of getting workers’ compensation depends on the worker reporting it to the employer. The law requires that the employer notify their insurance company so that the process of determining benefits eligibility can begin. Even if you have suffered a work-related injury, don’t assume that your employer knows about it or they learned about the accident. Instead, report the injury accurately in writing to your employer immediately. This can be when you have been injured or suffering a work-related illness. This will enable the commencement of the compensation process, and you can know if your firm has a great foundation for your right to receive workers’ compensation.

2. Agree to Rely on Your Private Health Insurance to Help with Your Work-Related Injury

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There are many tricks that employers use and their insurance company. You might never get the compensation if you are not keen and engage an experienced personal injury lawyer specializing in workers’ compensation. If your employer suggests that you use your private health insurance rather than obtaining workers’ compensation benefits, you need to disagree. You should note that workers’ compensation has many benefits, such as medical expense reimbursements to help you recover your injuries, disability, or illness due to your work. Most of these benefits are not often available in your private health insurance. To access your health coverage, you must pay premiums and might limit your choice of physicians by restricting where you’re treated and how much treatment you receive. With worker’s compensation, there are no deductibles, and you will get all your reasonable and necessary medical costs.

3. Failure to Report a Complete History of Your Injury 

When reporting an injury, most people fail to give accurate information, which can be a great mistake when seeking workers’ compensation. It’s important to describe how you got hurt and ensure a clear record of how you got your injury and that it’s related to your job. It’s easy for workers to get injured at work, but the condition doesn’t seem serious immediately but leads to a medical problem and disability days later. Failure to disclose everything to your medical provider makes it difficult to prove later that an earlier injury caused your disability.

Final Words

These mistakes are common among workers after they have been injured. Always consult with your personal injury lawyer to help guide you on the action you should take and those to avoid to ensure you win your case and get compensated.